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Gift ideas for your girlfriend

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The gift-giving season is upon us and we are all feeling the pressure to get our loved ones something they will love. It is especially stressful when trying to shop for your significant other – unless your partner tells you exactly what they want it can be hard to find the perfect gift. If you are struggling to get something for your girlfriend or need a little inspiration, here is our gift guide for every kind of girlfriend.

Something personal

If your girlfriend is the sentimental type or tends to lean more towards something personal when she is buying gifts, then it is likely that she would also prefer something with a bit of thought behind it. The key is to get her a gift that could not be for anyone else but her. For example, a canvas print of her favourite photo of the two of you or a personalised birthstone necklace. Furthermore, if you’ve already proposed and are going to get married soon, consider gifting her jewelry that she can wear at the ceremony as a symbol of your love. A great way to show appreciation for her is by giving her personal and meaningful gifts. Not only will this convey how much you love and care, but it can also be something she can treasure forever. Anything personalised with photos or names would go a long way with a sentimental girlfriend. If you have any nicknames for her then you should definitely use these where you can.

For the fashionista

If your girlfriend loves her clothes, then it might be difficult to buy something for her as women’s clothes are probably a little out of your wheelhouse. If you feel confident buying her clothes, shoes or accessories then go for it but if you need a little help here are a few things you can do. Gift cards are often dismissed as a good present but if you make the effort to learn and remember her favourite brand or designer then it still has thought behind it whilst also guaranteeing she will get something she likes. You could also have a personalised voucher printed, offering to take her on a shopping spree where she can pick out whatever she likes. 

For the nerdy type

Nerdy girls are super easy to buy for as long as you know the nerdy things they like. Whether it is gaming or sci-fi or harry potter, you can easily get your girlfriend some licensed merchandise that she will love. Not only will she be happy with a t-shirt from her favourite video game, but it shows her that you have been paying attention to the things she likes – this is extra special if it is an interest that you share!

For the pamperer

Most girls would appreciate a good pamper session but if your girlfriend particularly loves doing her extensive skincare routine, relaxing in a bath, or taking time to do a face mask every week then she is definitely a pamperer. Have a look through her skincare when she is not around to get an idea of what brands and products she likes, then if you are feeling confident (with the help of google or a sales assistant) go out and buy some items you think she would use. You are guaranteed to impress your girlfriend if you get it right. However, if that is a bit too ambitious for you then you can get her a voucher for a beauty treatment at a local spa or even a weekend away for two at a spa resort.


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