How to Save Time and Money When Traveling During Peak Season

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, people are planning to travel to see their loved ones or escape on a magical vacation.

While the peak season is generally always more expensive, there are actually several ways in which you can save money, and time, when traveling at peak times.

Shop Around and Buy Tickets Early on to Get a Good Deal

The cost of tickets is sure to generally be higher for traveling at peak times, especially when traveling by air. However, if you plan your trip in advance, it is certainly possible to get less expensive tickets.

Keep an eye on flash sales offered by airlines and ensure you compare different companies. Furthermore, look to see if getting two one-way tickets during peak times is a more economical option, rather than buying a round-trip ticket.

Admittedly, comparing companies and deals will take up time, but by being prepared early on and shopping around, you can make substantial cost savings.

Park Off-site to Avoid Expensive Airport Parking Fees

While traveling by plane is usually the quickest transport option available, and therefore you can save lots of time in comparison to using other methods of travel, it can be costly during peak times.

It becomes even more costly when you factor in other expenses like airport parking fees. But you can save money by going with an off-airport parking service, such as Park and Fly Toronto.

For instance, the parking at Canada’s largest airport, Toronto Pearson International Airport, is not cheap, especially if you are leaving your car for a couple of weeks. But you can make substantial savings by parking in an off-site parking lot.

Furthermore, you can save time trying to find a space because you can easily and quickly book a parking space online in advance. And with valet services and transport to take you directly to your departure terminal, you can ensure you catch your flight in a timely fashion.

Shop Around to Find Accommodation at a Good Price

Just like you have shopped around with different travel companies to find the best deal, you should compare different hotels and other accommodation options to save money.

Also, look for hotels that provide free daily breakfasts so that you can save even more.

Pack Wisely to Save Time and Additional Fees

To save money and time when traveling by air, pack your bags wisely.

Airlines charge additional fees for excess baggage. So, know what the baggage limit is and make sure your bags do not go over that limit to avoid paying extra costs.

When you know your bags are within the weight and size requirements, you get to save time too, as you can go straight through to the departure lounge.

Also, think about ways you can reduce the number of items you take with you. For instance, if you are going away to see family during the holiday season, do not wrap gifts in boxes that will take up more room and be heavier. Instead, leave the wrapping of gifts until the other end.

Choose a Different Travel Method to Make Substantial Savings

Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, most people choose to fly by plane because they get to destinations much quicker than using other transport methods.

But you can save a lot by switching to options like trains and ships. You also do your bit for the environment.

While this option means sacrificing speed for financial savings, depending on your circumstances, traveling by a method other than a flight can be very cost-effective. And when traveling by train or ship, the journey becomes part of the vacation.


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