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Is Expensive The Only Way To Go For Maximum Style?

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For years I dreamed about the day I would become fashionable. That day was always at some vague point in the near future, when I would walk into boutique stores pointing at shoes, suits, jewelry, and other items I desperately wanted, paying for them without a second thought. Of course, when that day came, I would be rolling in cash.

Many years later, I’m still not rolling in cash, but I am a whole lot more stylish. In fact, the clothes I wear are way more fashionable than those I imagined I would buy for hundreds of dollars a piece.

Look, there is nothing wrong with buying expensive fashion. Some items will upgrade your entire wardrobe on their own, while leaving your pocket a lot lighter. I admit to having a few items that I had to insure individually.

Incidentally, if you are buying expensive fashion, you should think about insurance too. Everyone renting should have renters insurance with personal liability coverage. Items that are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars may need to be added on as extras, but it is worth the monthly cost.

That said, you don’t need the income of a CEO to dress fashionably. On the contrary, it is often those who have the most money who have no idea how to look good. If you don’t have the cash to spend on designer clothing, the following tips will have you looking incredible.

Visit a tailor

There are some beautiful outfits available at popular stores, but the best clothing is custom-made. Now, custom-made clothing is not cheap, but it is far more affordable than designer outfits. You can buy quality material and provide a good tailor with a design, and have a bespoke suit ready for a couple hundred dollars.

You should have two or three custom-made outfits. These should make a statement, but not be so outlandish that they don’t stand up to being worn on regular occasions. Even the simplest design will look uplifted just because of the way it fits your body. A good tailor will be able to create an outfit for you that makes you look expensive. It will not just sit on your body, but meld itself to your shape and movement.

Customize your clothes

It should not just be your tailor-made suits that are bespoke. Buying clothing from fast fashion stores is a good way to bulk up your wardrobe. By customizing them to better suit your style, you make them your own. In the past few years I have cut sleeves off shirts and jackets, shortened pairs of already-too-short shorts, and sewn designs onto bland t-shirts. I have the ability to do some basic customization, but that came about from watching videos on YouTube and testing my skill with old clothes I did not plan on wearing again.

There are many issues with fast fashion, but there is no doubt that it provides you with good-looking clothing that builds a large and varied wardrobe. By adding your own customization, you take them from boring stock items to statement pieces.

Embrace makeup

Most men do not wear any makeup at all. This is understandable, as it has been marketed as a woman’s product as long as any of us have been alive. However, there are few better ways of looking like you have expensive style than by using some subtle makeup tips.

Eyeliner and mascara (or guyliner and manscara if you prefer) are your biggest assets. They outline your eyes, making them more striking, which immediately makes other people notice you. With the right technique and a light hand, you can make their effect subtle enough that people will assume it is natural.

Embracing makeup is not easy for men to do, especially for heterosexual men. But no one has to know, and a little bit goes a long way. Your eyes will bore holes into the people around you, and you will look like the most expensive person in the room.



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