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5 Reasons to buy a travel pillow for your next trip

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Travel pillows are a great idea for any trip, not just long flights. A travel pillow should be your closest partner if you spend a lot of time on the bus or train, whether you sleep or not. A buckwheat travel pillow from PineTales is a small-sized pillow that promotes a natural resting posture for your head while maintaining the cervical spine’s regular lordotic curve and offering neck support. A nice travel cushion is comprised of a warm, light, and breathable material with a cotton or silk cover for extra comfort. It’s sturdy enough to support your neck, yet it also conforms to your head’s shape and movement.

However, travel isn’t the only reason to invest in a nice travel pillow. If you have morning neck ache, your business chair is unpleasant, or your bed or mattress isn’t very supportive, you can purchase one. Beyond its ability to support your head and neck, the advantages of such a travel pillow are numerous. Other advantages include:

1. Feels Just like your home pillow

The curves of your neck and head are maintained by the buckwheat travel pillow, which gives stability against motion transfer. The purpose is to choose a travel cushion that feels similar to your home pillow and provides a similar degree of comfort.

2. Much warm and breathable compared to your regular pillow

The air while traveling can often become dry and musky, which results in your skin feeling oily. The plastic seat covers aren’t much better, and sleeping comfortably is nearly impossible. A nice buckwheat travel pillow from PineTales is warm, breathable, and neat.  Your cheeks and neck area will not feel dry or sweaty when you lay your head down on it.

3. Helps to prevent fatigue during your journey

Traveling can be quite exhausting, mostly if you are flying or traveling long distances. A decent one or two-hour nap can help you feel more energized when you arrive. Only an excellent travel pillow can let you grab a fast nap, given how uncomfortable bus and plane seats are. Not just you will fall asleep, but you’ll have deep quality sleep due to the comfort.

4. Lessens snoring and sleep apnea

While snoring is perfectly common, it can be awkward and downright annoying to your fellow passengers. A travel pillow keeps your neck and heads straight, reducing snoring and sleep apnea by keeping your airways clear. You can sleep soundly without disturbing your neighbors once you rest your head upon the buckwheat pillow.

5. Portable and quite easy and hassle-free to maintain

Travel pillows are no longer the same size as your regular pillow. Even if you don’t want luggage, they are now compact and highly portable. Another advantage of travel pillows is that they can be easily thrown in the washing machine after each trip. This will keep them clean and odor-free. You can remove the cover and get it cleaned if you don’t want to wash the whole pillow.



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