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Nicotine Pouches: From Sweden to the World

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Nicotine pouches are white pre-portioned pouches that, like snus, contain nicotine but without the tobacco. What’s more, to use a nicotine pouch, you simply need to place the pouch discreetly in your mouth between the gum and upper lip, there’s no smoking involved. All you have to do is to leave it there so that the taste and nicotine can be released. As it stands, there are a lot of nicotine pouch brands available that between them offer a great range of products. You will find one of the best ranges of brands when you visit the Snusdirect website.
The Story of Nicotine Pouches
The use of snus and discreet nicotine pouches is a very big part of Swedish culture. Back in the 1700’s Swedish farmers discovered how to mix tobacco leaves with salt and water inside their coffee grinders. The result was a moist tobacco mixture that was used by these farmers while they were working in the fields. As consumption skyrocketed, factories sprang up creating new flavoured mixtures and brands, which Swedes took with them wherever they went in the world. Then in the 21st Century, by using an advanced heating process, nicotine could be separated from the tobacco leaves and the tobacco-free nicotine pouch was born.
Less is More!
While nicotine pouches may lack tobacco, they come with other benefits and have seen hugely increased popularity in Sweden and beyond. For a start, the white tobacco-free nicotine powder in these pouches mean there is no risk of tobacco juice staining the teeth and no need for spitting. The nicotine powder can also be mixed in different concentrations with a wide variety of flavours. Some of the most popular brands include ZYN, Lyft and Skruf, to name but a few. Join the multitude of people worldwide enjoying the benefits of using a nicotine pouch over smoking. Simply pick any of the top brands available online.


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