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Simple Things To Do To Improve Your House Value In Preparation For Sale

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If you are thinking about selling your house, then the value of your home is important to make sure that you get the best possible team.

People viewing houses are looking for things that immediately impress them and although the size and number of rooms is important, the interior design of it can be the difference between a valuable sale or not. It doesn’t mean that if you are selling your home, you need to go out and completely change your home interior but there are very simple and cost-effective things that you can do just like to get new cast iron downpipes to make sure it is at least pleasant to the eye for potential buyers.

Flooring or Carpets

If you currently have wooden floors in the home, these may need to be replaced. Alternatively, if you have carpets in the home, these may look worn and tired therefore it could be an option to replace with flooring. There may be an online flooring store or wood floor warehouse near you that is able to support you with giving you guidance on what could be the best for the room you are choosing to lay this. There is a preconception that laying this sort of wood can be a challenge and there is no taking away from the fact that there is a level of skills and tools required therefore if you are not experienced, make sure you get the support of the right people otherwise you could do a poor quality job. There is also the option of wooden click flooring which can also be good quality and far easier to lay.

Deep Clean

Although you may think that your home is clean (or tidy), if there is a bulk of viewings coming to check out the property, you may wish to consider getting a deep clean. You can choose the level of deep clean, however, you have people that will do ovens, fridges etc and even have support such as carpet cleaning options for any stains you may have. If the home is unclean during the times of the viewings, this will not leave a good impression and would potentially affect the offer that is given on your home (if one is in fact given).


An obvious thing that people will choose to do is to paint the interior walls of the house. If this has not been completed for a while and it needs a refresh, then this is a pretty simple thing to do that will add a bit of spark to the house and make it more appealing for a buyer. If there is wallpaper on the walls then you could also consider
replacing this or even removing it and painting the walls. Buyers have many different tastes and it is hard to determine what is better in terms of wooden floors, carpets or wallpaper or painted walls, however, whatever it is you
have completed; it should be to a good standard to help with the value and potential sale.


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