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Swagger Game Changers : Coin and the end of “Cards”

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Swagger is about sophistication, that means incorporating tech without looking like it, and our focus today is the wallet. The wallet presents a 21st as we’ve moved to a nearly cashless society, our wallets have only become more and more stuffed, thanks to the two dozen different debit/credit/library/air miles cards we’ve rammed in there to the point of ridiculousness. Forget lower back problems, nobody wants to sort through cards for ten minutes after offering to pay for dinner.

Fortunately for us, there is Coin.

One card for every card. You scan it in, you switch between functions, and you’re in business. It’s stylish and black and enough to make any baby boomer in your life stare like it’s the first time they saw fire. Why do you need Coin? Let me count the ways.

1. The Wow factor

The first thing you’ll notice about Coin, is that it looks badass. Now they they’ll give anybody enough credit to hang themselves, the days of “Gold Card Awe” are long gone. Coin brings back that whole thing, and now it’s not because you’re being pretentious, it’s because you’re smart.

2. The “Now” factor

The guys at Coin have put their little tech genius on sale for the next three days. The half-off promotion is launching the Coin into discerning men’s wallets today, and they want to get the word out. This is early adapter territory, a chance to be a tech-savvy guy right out of the gate. Get on it.

3. It’s Sexy

Coin lets you go minimalist, it’s one card to rule them all, and with that in mind they’ve made it look all kinds of slick. So picture yourself buying a drink for a lady across the way. She watches you reach into your shirt pocket and pull out your Black as night digital readout Coin like a Bond villain and make it right. That’s cool, that’s real cool.

4. It’s Safe

Until today I’ve never heard of a card that’ll send you a text saying “Hey stupid, You forgot me at the bar when you were talking to that waitress”. But now I have, and the future is good. You can’t lose it anywhere, it won’t let you. This is a good thing.

5. It’s Swagger Approved

We get a lot of products across our desks (well, Drew’s desk) but this is something we all immediately bought and put to work. It’s tech doing what tech is supposed to do, make life easier and make us wonder how we ever got along without it. It’s a no-brainer, check it out, there’s no going back.

get one now at

Written By Jeremy P Beal


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