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The 10 Most Important SEO Tips You Need to Know

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Everyone has an outlet for their thoughts, opinions, insights, and expertise, but however knowledgeable or entertaining you are, you still need to people to find you and consume your content.

Search Engine Optimization is an ever evolving and vital tool to employ and a skill to learn if you’re going to become successful in the online realm. For fledgling individuals looking to take a first step, it’s worth learning tips and practicing basic techniques; for business owners, it’s wise to hire a digital marketing or an SEO services company to dedicate themselves to you and your goals. They can offer myriad avenues to get hits, likes, and sales. FirstPage, for example, provides seamless SEO integration throughout your site to move your content up higher on search engine results page. You could also use Art of War SEO for all your SEO and link building needs, talk to them about link building today! Here are some SEO tips that are worth knowing and utilizing.

1. Enhance User Experience

First and foremost, if users don’t enjoy your site, then your hits and keywords won’t matter. Google among other search engines don’t just register how many clicks your site gets; they track how quickly people leave your site. If users arrive and they don’t like what they see or have trouble navigating and head elsewhere, search engines will determine it’s not worth promoting your site. So make sure it’s a good one.

2. Improve Your Popular Pages

It’s not enough to fix weaker parts of your sites; it’s important to find out what is working well and popular and making that even better. Updating a popular post with new information, adding more relevant content, or sprinkling in extra keywords and links can help people stay on your popular pages longer, and even lead them to other places on your site.

3. Trim the Fat

As always, quality trumps quantity. Users and search engines are particularly savvy, and a quickly determine if a site is filled with fluff just to get clicks and promote ads, or if there is quality content that’s worth investigating. Get rid of anything extra and unnecessary. Users would rather less frequent content if it’s quality, and will trust your posts more than if the site is cluttered with empty stuff.

4. Incorporate Video

Incorporating videos with your written content can be a huge boon. It’s a way to set your material apart from others and give people an opportunity to choose how they consume content online. Just like written work and images, make sure the video is quality: the sound and picture should be optimized. Also, it’s best for the user to start the video and not have it commence automatically when the site is loaded.

5. Evergreens are Gold

Evergreen content is that which can stand the test of time in an ever-changing, evolving, and chaotic world. This kind of content is great for both you and your potential visitors; if saves you work from having to edit or delete dated content, while offering readers quality, timeless information. These posts should be lengthy, authoritative, and comprehensive.

6. Diversity Content Formats

Every user has their own preferred way to browsing and consuming content. While you can’t make everyone happy, you can offer a few different ways to engage them. As mentioned, video is a useful tool to attract and keep visitors, but also look at the way articles are crafted and posted. Graphics, listicles, videos, links, and text all work together to keep people engaged and give them different ways to take in information. Break up long pieces of text with pull quotes or images, and make sure you’ve an attractive free fonts and color design.

7. Must be Mobile Friendly

With so many people browsing on smartphones and tablets, your site needs to be able to switch seamlessly from a desktop version to a mobile one. Without a mobile version of your site, your likely to regularly lose visitors and see your rankings plummet.

8. Consider Voice Searches

Similarly, those users who employ their phones for navigating may being using a voice search. For some this is a more convenient way to search, and for others it’s just more useful. Voice searches tend to be about something geographically local, so if your success relies on selling people something local, then voice search is an important consideration.

9. Lots of Links

To keep people on your site longer – dwelling time is a factor in SEO – sprinkle links judiciously into your content, connecting readers to other articles and pages on your site, including evergreens. What’s more, don’t be afraid to link to other sites that may have a substantial standing or influence.

By connecting with such groups or companies, your own standing and authority will be perceived higher as as a result. Visit services/ for help with internal and external linking to your website.

10. Regularly Reassess

Everything you do to improve SEO isn’t a one- or two-time thing. It’s something you need to regularly invest time and energy into, from checking out the habits of your visitors, finding out your search result rankings, and checking and changing your content. If you’re looking to take the next step in your career, investing in a digital marketing company that wants to invest in you is imperative.


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