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The 2016 Euro Cup and the 3 Teams to Watch for this Year

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Euro 2016 will be an interesting event for everyone involved. The previous winner – Spain did not play well at the 2014 World Cup, but that team won three major trophies before showing poorly at the World Cup. Euro 2016 is a completely different tournament that plays to the strengths of the Spanish, but no one can count France or Germany out of the race. This article explains how each of the three teams will play during the Euro 2016 tournament as they all must get through one another to win.


Spain was the best team in the world for around a decade. They won Euro 2008, the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012 consecutively, and they still sport most of the best talent in the world. The two best players in the world are not Spanish, but most of the next 15 or 20 are Spanish players. Spain sports a deep roster that is getting older, but they clearly know how to win tournaments. The defensive intensity of Spain will be magnified by the style of the tournament, and their intense defense works well against the best European opponents. Their odds at William Hill is 11/2, which stands third in the rankings.



Aside from being the host country this year, France is one of the most dominating teams in this tournament with two major trophies. Playing in your own country is an advantage to other national team players since their fellow countrymen support them all the time. It occurred in the Euro 1984 tournament which is their first major title and also happened again in the 1998 FIFA World Cup. Let’s see if it will happen again this year on their homeland. France’s odds in William Hill is at the top with 11/4.


Germany won a World Cup on the strength of amazing German players who mostly play in the Bundesliga. The strength of their team is in their amazing resolve. They use players who will play even harder than the Spanish defense, and they are still high off their win at the World Cup. They may take that momentum to three major trophies like the Spanish, but they must get past the Dutch and Spanish first. Germany dominates in second place with 10/3 odds.

The three teams most likely to win UEFA Euro 2016 are all good, according to William Hill football betting odds and perform well in the tournament, but they must navigate one another to be successful. Euro 2016 forces each team to neutralize its biggest threats, but names are made famous when they step up their performance. Only time will tell who steps up in Euro 2016.



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