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The New World Order of Swagger

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Welcome to the revamped version of We’ve put together a team of brilliant men and women, writers, artists and opinion makers, all with a mind to do the “men’s magazine” differently. We have a goal, a through-line through every article, every product review, every interview
we publish, it’s an ideal, and the ideal is swag.

Swagger Magazine is the dividing line between prolonged adolescence and man. Swagger is the difference between laughing at a Star Wars joke and being able to argue the finer merits of Wookie theology. We’re aiming our content to men who are driven, smart, and hungry for the best life possible. We’re catering to men who are successful and the men well on their way there. If you already have swagger, you’ll know what we’re talking about, and if you’re trying to get there, we’ll show you the way.

Swagger is simple. It’s not always easy, but it’s simple.

Swagger is the confidence that comes to a man naturally when he knows his shit. Swagger is having done your homework beforehand and how to play it cool when you find yourself out of your element. Swagger is knowing when to hold ‘em, fold ‘em, and how to keep a stone-cold poker face when the aces come your way. Swagger is being self-aware without ever having to use terms like self-aware.

Swagger is knowing the finer things in life when you see them and taking advantage of them, without ever letting them take advantage of you. It’s attention to detail, it’s refinement and it’s class. You cannot fake swag and no one can mistake it for anything else. Swagger is using your buying power, however limited, to get the very best of what’s out there. It’s about making smart purchases that keep you ahead of the curve without feeling like you’re chasing trends or throwing away the money you’ve earned.

Swagger is knowing the finer things in life when you see them and taking advantage of them, without ever letting them take advantage of you.

Swagger is sex, but not the bragging or posturing kind we’ve all been force-fed since adolescence about pissing contests and bedpost notching. We’re not ever going to be your go-to site for in-depth coverage of the latest celebrity beaver shot and we’re certainly not going to follow the ins and outs of fucking in a bathroom stall.

Swagger is holding yourself to a higher standard, so you can attract women who do the same. Don’t get us wrong, we love the ladies and we’re interested in helping you bed them, but we’re going to do it a lot differently than you’ve seen before. The women of Swagger will be gals of substance, equally matched with good looks and better bodies because gentleman, apart from your mother, those are the only women worth breaking a real sweat for. Those are the woman attracted to Swagger.

So buckle up, we’ve got a whole lot planned in a very short time and you’re in for something very good. We’re bringing our absolute A-game swagger to every facet of this publication and we’re going to expect our readers to keep up. Hold your heads high, men. This young 21st century belongs to us.


written by Jeremy B


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