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Top 5 Ways To Quickly Increase Your Home Value Before A Mortgage Evaluation

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If you’re getting your home valued in the near future, you might think that the time to make changes and improvements to impact the figure you’re quoted has run out.

Luckily even if you’re up against a tight deadline, you can do a few things to boost your property’s valuation. Let’s go over the main options available to you.

Declutter outdoor areas

If you’ve got a large garden, a front lawn or even just a small courtyard to call your own, sprucing it up ahead of a mortgage evaluation is a good idea, and shouldn’t take you longer than a few hours on a fine afternoon.

Keep grass trimmed and in good order, make sure that gardening implements, bikes and other detritus are stored away in a shed or garage if possible, and sweep or even power wash any paved surfaces to remove dirt and debris.

This will give your property that all-important curb appeal. So whether you are moving your mortgage to a new provider, selling up, or seeking an equity release loan from a company like Responsible Equity Release, you’ll make a good first impression.

Organize internal spaces

Another speedy option that genuinely makes a difference to how a home is valued is how tidy it is inside.

You want to create a sense of space, so make sure floors and hallways are as clear as possible. If you’ve been a little negligent with your spring cleaning recently, go over every room and vacuum, dust, polish and reorganize what you can. If you’re pushed for time, find a professional who’ll do this for you.

Add a fresh coat of paint

The simplest way to overhaul your home’s décor is with good old fashioned paint, perhaps as part of a wider home improvement drive. If the exterior is looking worse for wear, getting it painted to bring life back to it could have the biggest impact on the potential valuation it achieves, because once again the curb appeal is key to how it’s viewed by professionals.

Internally, if rooms are looking a little tired or you’ve got spaces that are a little too ‘unique’ in the way that they’re decorated, taking it back to a neutral color with a cheap tin of paint or two will be worth the effort, and won’t cost you much in terms of money or time.

Make use of off-site storage

Renting a storage unit on a short term basis, just so you’ve got a place to put items that you don’t want to ditch but which are currently causing your home to feel cramped, could be the perfect quick fix ahead of a mortgage evaluation.

Of course if you realize that some of your possessions aren’t bringing you joy and need to go, then you could always turn to local listings services and online marketplaces to help them find new homes, and even make back a bit of cash in the process.

Fix small issues

Every home has those little maintenance jobs to do that you put off because they don’t bother you from day to day. Taking the time to address these when a valuation is looming large is definitely wise, and should be quick.

For example, if you’ve got rooms with light bulbs or fittings that are burnt out or only partly working, replacing them will make a difference. Leaky taps and plumbing problems should also be addressed, and again hiring an expert to take care of this is best.

Even something as simple as cleaning the windows so that more light gets in will give you the edge when the valuation date rolls round, so what are you waiting for?


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