Top Accessories to Enhance Your Pickup Truck

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If you are a pickup truck owner, you probably utilize your vehicle to perform so heavy-duty tasks. Pickup Trucks are great work vehicles and can be utilized for a range of towing and hauling needs. With these demanding tasks comes wear and tear. You also have to be wary of your cargo and ensure that it is safe from theft and protected against harsh weather conditions. With this in mind, here are the top accessories to enhance your Pickup Truck.

Cold Air Intake

If you want to improve the overall performance of your truck, you’ll need to consider cold air intake. It’s going to amp up your motor and keep you truckin’ for years to come. Cold air intakes give you increased power, improved fuel economy and better throttle response. That’s why you need to invest in the best ram cold air intake around.

Tonneau Covers

A high-quality truck bed cover is a great accessory for a pickup truck owner. Tonneau covers that are custom-fit to your truck protect your truck bed’s cargo from rain, snow, and harmful UV sunlight. They also protect against the theft of your belongings by keeping your cargo out of sight and securely locked. Many tonneau covers are fully secure with a locking tailgate and this makes it nearly impossible for a thief to access your truck bed’s contents.

Floor Mats

OE floor mats that come standard with your vehicle, are often not durable enough to withstand the wear and tear that can come with the work of a pickup truck owner. When working outdoors, you can often be working in mud, sleet, and snow and tracking that back into your pickup. Rock salts used to melt snow can often do damage to your vehicle’s interior as well. This can significantly hurt the resale value of your vehicle. However, floor liners that are custom-fit for your vehicle’s floors are a lifesaver and can protect your vehicle against this damage.

Seat Covers

Aside from your truck’s floors, harsh weather can also be detrimental to your vehicle’s standard upholstery. Dust, sweat, and dirt brought back into your vehicle after a hard day’s work can permanently damage your truck’s seats. From a leaky paint can to a spilled coffee, there are a number of ways that your vehicle’s interior can be permanently stained. The solution that many truck owners turn to is custom-made form-fitting seat covers. Custom seat covers are specifically designed for your truck’s make and model and perfectly follow the curves and contours of your OE seats. They also come in a variety of styles from neoprene for a sporty look to leather or leatherette for a more luxurious feel.

Nerf Bars and Running Boards

Pickup trucks sit high off the ground and if you make many stops throughout the work day, getting into and out of your truck multiple times a day can be exhausting. Custom-fit nerf bars and running boards help to make the step up into your vehicle much easier, leaving you with the energy to deal with whatever you need to accomplish. They also provide your vehicle with a professional and heavy-duty look and feel. Running boards, nerf bars, and side steps also protect the sides of your truck from dings in the parking lot and flying rocks that can be kicked up while driving.

Bull Bars and Grille Guards

Bull bars and grille guards protect your truck’s front-end from damage. They provide an extra layer of protection if your truck is in a collision with another vehicle or if a large animal happens to leap out in front of your driving path. Bull bars and grille guards are sometimes called “deer guards,” because they provide excellent protection against deer that move quickly across highways when you don’t have time to react. You can safely absorb the damage these animals can cause without completely totaling your truck. The front-end protection these guards provide will give you extra peace of mind when traveling on the highway or in hazardous conditions where accidents are prevalent.

Adding accessories is something that many truck owners do to protect the value of the vehicle. A pickup truck is an investment and these accessories will help you keep that investment in peak condition for as long as possible. These accessories can also keep you and your belongings safe while making your trips. In the end, they provide additional peace of mind, which is often invaluable when dealing with the daily stresses of work and life.


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