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Top Tips To Help Guys Stand Out At Prom

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A lot of fuss is made about prom and how much it means to the girls that attend. But, approximately half of the people that attend prom are men, and they also want it to be a memorable occasion.

However, that’s not always easy. You only have to take a look at the stunning dresses offered by Hello Molly to see how simple it is for any woman to look sensational at their prom or homecoming event. 

In other words, for a guy to stand out, they have to really up their game. Fortunately, it is possible.

Know The Trends

The key to standing out at your prom is to know the latest trends and which one suits you. Don’t forget, you need to feel comfortable in your chosen attire. This will help you to feel more confident. The right attire will also make sure you stand out. Here are some of the latest trends to choose from.

  • Florals

Floral is no longer just for women. You can wear flowers. But, you need to maintain balance. That means a standard pair of dark suit trousers combined with a pale shirt and a bright, bold, floral blazer. It makes a great style statement.

  • Bold Shirts

There are several other fashion blazers that can be worn. But, while they make a great impression, you only stand out while you’re wearing it. That’s why you may prefer to choose a bold shirt.

Either choose one that is brightly coloured or one a little calmer but covered in a pattern. Make sure the style suits you and the shirt will look fantastic, as will you.

  • Slim Fit

There has never been a better time to adopt a slim-fitting suit. You can go for a traditional suit or embrace the bold blazer as mentioned above. But, make sure the suit is a slim fit, effectively tailored to your size.

It’s guaranteed to turn heads.  

Take Time With Your Hair

It’s not just the girls that can have their hair done for the big day. You should see your stylist and talk to them about what works best with your intended outfit. They can style it on the day for you or create a style that you can do yourself.

But, make sure they know you want to stand out. 

Choose the Right Shoes

Loafers are a very popular choice for prom and they complement almost any outfit. Simply choose the style that matches your clothes and wear them with pride.

You can get ones that glitter with diamonds or have fascinating floral patterns. This makes them the perfect addition to your outfit.


Finally, remember that you should feel comfortable to inspire your confidence. If you want to stand out at your prom, you need confidence. Imagine that you own the room and you’ll feel confident enough to step out in bold threads while asking the prettiest girl at the prom to dance. She’ll find it hard to say no.


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