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What do giving these gifts say about you?

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Have you ever wondered what people think about you based on the gifts you give them? If you think about it, there is a certain psychology in gift giving and what you give someone affects how they see you. If someone you know and love gives you a gift that you absolutely hate and would never use, wouldn’t you be upset? It’s not that you are upset that the person has the audacity to give you that, but it is more that you are upset about them seemingly not knowing you enough to know that you would never like this gift.

If you are curious what presents illicit what thoughts, keep reading. You might crack the code to giving perfect gifts every time.

A personalised gift

Giving someone a personalised gift of any kind will show the person who is receiving the gift that you value the saying ‘the thought counts’. You care about giving a thoughtful gift, it can be a photo phone case, some personalised shoes, or an album full of your favourite pictures with that person. A personalised gift shows that you are one of the friendly, attentive, and caring person in the gift receivers life.

Gift cards

People may say that giving gift cards as a gift to someone is a copout and lazy, but we disagree. Giving someone a gift card shows that you value convenience but also you care about getting the gift receiver something they will actually use. You are their useful friend/family/lover, and giving a gift card shows that. Especially if the gift card is from a store that the gift receiver absolutely loves to visit and/or shop at. Pair it with a sweet letter and this gift will be as thoughtful as any other.

Cozy clothes

If you are the person who always gives cozy clothes to people as a gift, then you value their comfort. Kids aren’t  always the most appreciative when it comes to getting clothes of any kind as a present. But the older we get, the more we enjoy receiving fuzzy socks, soft sweaters, and soft sweatpants. People will view you as a cozy person as well, they will feel comfort just by being in your presence.

Bad gifts

There is no such thing as a ‘bad gift’, that is something to keep in mind. There is only wrong gifts for different people. Someone might be eternally grateful for getting a giftcard with 30 bucks on it, yet someone else might be utterly heartbroken about that. The best way to ensure you get someone the best present everytime is by knowing them well enough.


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