What Is The Best Time to Post on Tik Tok?

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Most entrepreneurs would wonder why they aren’t getting maximum attention on social media. The secret behind success on social media is trying to understand the time that your followers are active online. That way, you will be able to post at the right time and attract comments and likes for your posts.

Although new in the social media ecosystem, Tiktok has become one of the most powerful tools that you can use to pass your message to the target audience. With  Tiktok users projected to surpass the 1.5  Billion mark by the end of 2022, the need to understand audience metrics can not be underscored.

Therefore if you aren’t getting any response from your posts, it’s high time you consider researching to know the most suitable time that you should be posting. Should you find this challenging then you can consider hiring a social media expert to help you analyse and understand when your audience is active online.

In this article, we not only highlight how to analyse your audience but also get you to understand the most appropriate time that you should post to get maximum engagement for your posts.

Use of audience analysis Tools

Audience analysis is made simple thanks to audience analytic tools available in the internet space. With these tools, you can get to understand the geographic location and exact time that your target audience is active on Tiktok.

Failure to post at the right time may make it challenging for you to get engagement for your Tik Tok video content. That way, you will be able to roll out an effective content strategy that is result-oriented.

Here are some of the popular  TikTok analytic tools that you can use to collect insights about your audience.

Tiktok Pro Version

You can sign up for a Tik Tok pro account which will enable you to view engagement and learn about your followers. Generally, the TikTok pro version lets you measure performance insights and collect detailed information about your followers.

The good news is that the Tiktox pro account is free to use. While there is tons of information you can collect from the Tiktox pro analytics, the most important aspect that you can focus on is the Follower insights. This will enable you to learn more about your followers including gender and demographics. However, you can use the tool to understand when your audience is active on social media.


Popsters is one of the most popular TikTok analytics tools available in the market. The tool can provide an in-depth analysis of posts with charts of activities by dates and engagements. Additionally, the tool can produce reports through either specific or all time.

The ideal feature of the tool is that it can analyse up to 10 profiles which makes it easy to get in-depth information about your target audience. So far, the tool is free although if you are looking for more advanced features you can try out other premium tools available on the internet space.


Analisa is another popular Twitter analytics tool that you can use to collect insights about your target audience. Some of the actions that you can use with the tool include campaign reporting, follower authenticity, demographics, and analysis.

Some of the metrics that you can collect through analisa include engagement rate, likes, share rate, and other factors. The unique aspect of the tool is that you can easily search profiles by username and hashtags.

Analysing using Hashtags makes it easy to monitor campaigns. The only undoing about the Tiktok analytics tool is that you have to part with up to $ 109.55 per month to access the features. This may be a tall order for users working under a limited budget.

How to figure  out the best time to Post on Tiktok

Once you get access to the Tiktok analytics tool, you can research and build a  plan on the best time you can post content. While navigating the ”Top Territories features” will enable you to understand the countries that engage with your audience the most, the ”Follower activity feature” will enable you to track follower activity by the hour. That way, you will be able to know what type your followers are active on Tiktok.

From here, you can build up a plan on how to roll out a content strategy for your TikTok content. For example, if you have tons of followers from the Us and UK, you can choose to post in the afternoon UK  time. This will also make it easy for US followers to access your content during the morning hours.

Here  is  Why  Posting Content  at the Right Time Matters

Improves  Engagement

Consistent  Tiktok content strategy based on timing and posting is ideal in improving engagement. Improved engagement is critical in improving your online presence and reputation. As a consequence, you will be able to generate more followers for your TikTok content.

Therefore for improved engagement metrics, always analyse the right stats and find out when users are online and when they engage with your TikTok content. This will enable you to get maximum views for your TikTok content.

Boost Tik Tok Video  Views

With  Tons of Tik Tok videos flooded online, it may be challenging to get noticed online. As such, posting at the right time not only improves the visibility of your Tiktok content but also boosts video views.

The more people interact with your content the more you are likely to experience a surge in the number of views on your Tik Tok account. In this regard, identifying the right time that you should post is ideal in getting maximum views for your Tik Tok video content.

Improves Traffic 

If you are struggling to get more Tik Tok followers then it’s high time you consider carrying out an analysis to understand the most active time that your followers are online. That way, you will be able to improve traffic for your content and improve your growth strategy.

The more followers interact with your content the more they become familiar with your brand. Eventually, you are likely to get tons of followers who are likely to share your content with their network.

Search engine Optimization

Another key area that is greatly impacted by posting at the right time is search engine optimization. All you need is to use the target keyword correctly across the content to optimise your videos.

Once you optimise your  Tik Tok videos and post consistently at the right time, the chances of increasing the visibility of your TikTok videos on search engine searches become inevitable. This is increasing video views on your Tiktok content plays a critical role in improving search engine optimization.

Online Visibility

Posting at the right time is not only ideal in getting maximum views for Tiktok content but also improves online visibility. The more people interact and share your content the higher the chances of improving online visibility. That way, you stand a chance to command a strong following on social media and appeal to the target market.

Remember well-optimised content improves search engine searches which makes it easy for people to find you only. As a result, more people are likely to become familiar with your brand which is ideal in building a strong brand portfolio.


Whether you are an experienced  Tiktoker or just starting with Tiktok, the first thing you need to put into consideration is the most appropriate time that you should post your content.

Just like other social media platforms, getting insight into your audience enables you to run your content strategy from an informed point of view. We, therefore, recommend that you carry out an analysis to get the exact time that you should post your  Tiktok content to run a successful content strategy.


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