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What You Should Be Expecting from An Online Casino in 2019

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The online casino industry has been in existence for over two decades now, but unlike things like social media and online shopping which tend to be dominated by a handful of operators, the industry remains ultra-competitive.

It鈥檚 a fact of capitalism that competition tends to drive innovation, and it can be ultimately beneficial for the consumer. That鈥檚 the case with online casinos. So, if you are not getting a satisfactory experience, you should be. Let鈥檚 take a look at what you should expect at a modern online casino.


Live Games

The best casinos now have live dealer tables hosted on the site. The technology has been around for a few years now 鈥 even for mobile casinos 鈥 so there is something lacking if it isn鈥檛 offered. Live games aren鈥檛 to everyone鈥檚 tastes, but having the option of an immersive, real-life casino experience is a must. Some casinos might be niche, i.e. just aiming for slots or arcade games. But live dealer tables are now widely available, so an online casino should be overlooked if it doesn鈥檛 have one.

VIP Services

If you are a high roller, you will be given special treatment in Vegas, and the same should go for online. Top casinos will use things like sponsorships of sporting events or poker tournaments to offer VIP customers money-can鈥檛 buy perks. If they don鈥檛 have a VIP programme, send them an email and tell them you are a high-stakes player. They should comply with some perks. If not, join another casino.

Superfast and Reliable Banking

There is no excuse for your money to be in limbo to and from the casino anymore. A plethora of options should be made available to you. For example, Mansion is an instant banking casino, meaning your money can be wired from your bank. But it also offers eWallets, cards, vouchers and even the option to pay by phone. Sometimes the casinos are inhibited by banks鈥 processing times, but you really should get be getting your winnings back fast.

New Games

If Netflix or Amazon Prime wasn鈥檛 adding new content every month, you would soon get rid of your subscription. Again, some casinos will add new content all the time, constantly keeping the site fresh. Others might rely on the same old games, making the experience, frankly, boring. Fresh content is important, especially when you see that games developers are increasingly typing up deals with Hollywood studios to make companion games.

Proper Customer Service

There is nothing worse than having a specific issue, then not being able to talk to a real human. Every online casino should have a live chat service, allowing you to solve any issue without needing to make a phone call or spend time waiting on an email response.

Mobile Gaming Excellence

These days, your phone is likely to be your main personal computer. To be fair, most games developers are aware of this, optimising their content to be played on phones and tablets. However, if the online casino hasn鈥檛 made their site mobile friendly or released an app, it can take away from the overall experience. There is really no excuse to not have a mobile casino site working as well as the desktop site in 2019.





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