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Why Is Getting Divorced So Expensive? (Hint: Lawyer Fees)

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When couples start thinking about a possible divorce, one of the first questions they want an answer to is: How much will it cost?

While getting married can be a fairly quick, easy, and affordable process (especially when done in the city hall), going the opposite route can bankrupt families and lead people to financial ruin.

But why? Why does getting out of an unhappy marriage cost so much money and why does separating from a spouse come with such a hefty price tag?
Unfortunately, many divorce cases turn into a messy and poisonous process whereby anger, bitterness or greed replace common sense, communication, and a basic willingness to cooperate in order to settle the differences like two responsible adults.

Some couples use this process to seek revenge, inflict pain, or make their former partner’s life as miserable as possible.
Others may use the situation to milk as much money, assets, or other benefits as possible from the other side.

Under such circumstances, in which the process turns into a brutal battleground, full of conflicts, disputes, and disagreements, ending the marriage comes at a costly price – both monetarily and emotionally.

The Result

The main factors that influence the overall cost of getting a divorce are the individual complexities of a given case, the level of conflict between the parties and the chosen divorce method (attorney, mediator, or DIY-style divorce sites).

Divorces that are fought endlessly often evolve into ugly and expensive court battles. Such litigated divorces require family-law lawyers, which are not cheap.

Hiring representation seems like a pretty basic move, but many divorce lawyers charge by the hour for all of the work that they do. Their hourly rates depend on variables such as experience, reputation, geographic location, the complexity of the case or other factors.

Every hour of their time is billable, so meetings, consultations, emails, formal letters, phone calls, paperwork, local family law court hearings and filing fees can all add up very quickly to become eye-watering sums.

Is There an Alternative?

Avoiding an expensive divorce is possible, especially in cases where both parties see eye to eye on the critical issues. Individuals who work together to reach agreements in a peaceful, respectful, and purposeful manner can save both money and emotional wear.

An independent, neutral, third-party mediator can help divorcing parties to discuss all major issues (such as property and debt division, spousal maintenance, child custody and support, as well as others) and reach mutually beneficial solutions. You may want to check for the best Spousal support attorney who can give the fastest process yet at an affordable rate.

Alternatively, you may be a couple which has already agreed on the terms of their separation and wish to save time and money on legal fees. In this case, you can find a solution online that will help you to file for divorce without breaking the bank.

Using the services of legitimate divorce websites is one of the cheapest ways to terminate a marriage in a simple, relatively quick, and inexpensive manner.
Such companies help couples prepare their uncontested divorce documents in a convenient and hassle-free process and also offer step-by-step filling instructions.

To sum up, when common sense, reason, and good-will prevail over toxic emotions, couples can divorce peacefully and open a new, healthier chapter in their lives.




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