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Why Men Tend to Choose Labels

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According to a recent survey conducted by Roy Morgan Research, it was found that a large number of men than women are more likely to choose labels when buying products. Indeed, this research proved exact opposite of what many people think in their mind that women are more selective than men. For instant in Australia, about 2.3 million men have a tendency of buying items based on the label. The research further revealed that label is largely considered by men than women when buying clothing items, as explained by Michele Levine, CEO of Roy Morgan Research.


Last year, out of the money spent by men to buy clothing, 35 percent of it came from men who considered the tag on their clothes. On the other hand, slightly below that at 27 percent was what women that were swayed by the label spent. The research further showed that men who are informed about brands buy clothes almost every month. This category of men represents 19 percent, and it is estimated they bought 26 million products last year that were costing about $2.03 billion. In fact, the amount spent by these men was 36 percent above the average cost of item bought by non-brand-aware guys.


Some men who were interviewed during the survey said they believed in buying the right items, hence the concern when shopping. These men said they focus on brands which they trust unlike trying new brands. Luc Wiesman, a prominent guy in the fashion and design sector, said he has to check the label before buying any item. He focuses on buying expensive items especially Italian and French brands. Another person who believes in label is John Cutler, a high profile tailor based in Sydney. He explained that when he decides to shop for his clothes, he has to choose top quality brands that are superb.


It is obvious that men tend to consider the label of items they want to buy more so, clothing and footwear. Those who ignore this important part of shopping ends up buying low quality items that cannot offer them the service they require.

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