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Making a Proposal She Can’t Refuse

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Making a marriage proposal is one of the most important steps a man is going to take in his life, so why not go big? After all, it’s your pride and potential future that’s on the line.

Unless you go the mail order bride route, putting a ring on it hinges on the proposal. Some ladies will say yes no matter how you ask, but having a good proposal story to tell will start things off in your favor. You don’t have to rent out a baseball stadium like Kayne West to make a proposal your lady will swoon over for the rest of her life. The secret is to make a grand gesture that’s intimately personal.

A Statement Engagement Ring

The easiest way to make an impact when you propose is by getting a unique engagement ring that makes a statement and fits her personal style. This is definitely the case if your girlfriend is the unconventional type. So many people expect the traditional solitaire but don’t forget that options like rose-hued morganite and diamond engagement rings have an immediate wow-factor.

Revisit a Special Place

What’s more romantic than proposing at the place where you took her on your first date? Or the place where you said I love you for the first time. Or even better, the place where you two met. Orchestrating a proposal so you can pop the question in a place that’s special to you as a couple will go a long way in proving your love.

Get Her Friends and Family Involved

Getting other people involved in the proposal is a little risky on the off chance the ordeal ends in an embarrassing rebuff. But trust us, sharing the moment with friends and family can make the proposal just as special as the wedding. Your girlfriend will also appreciate that you took the time to plan the proposal out so that her loved ones could be there to see it.

Make Sure You’re Looking Your Best

When your mug is cleaned up and you’re donning dapper threads it’s much harder for a woman to say no. She’ll definitely like that you took the initiative to look your best. Plus, there are guaranteed to be pictures commemorating the event that will probably make their way to social media.

Tailor the Proposal to Her Personality

Some chicks are total traditionalists. They’ve always imagined a guy dropping down on one knee to ask for their hand in marriage. Other ladies could care less. They’d rather you hold up signs in the middle of a rollercoaster plummet so she has no idea you proposed until she sees a picture. Luckily, the terrified look on her face shouldn’t be from the proposal.

It’s important to remember the proposal is all about her. You’re trying to convince a woman to be with you for the rest of her life despite all your dirty, manly habits. It requires making her feel special enough to forget that big detail.

Make Your Intentions Clear

Hopefully, when you propose you’ve done so in a way that makes your intentions clear. There’s nothing worse than a stuttering, stammering proposal that seems like you’re asking yourself if you want to be married. It never hurts to practice so you’re ready for the big moment when it happens.

Of course, you could purposely plan covert proposals that lead up to one big attention-getting proposal. Take this guy for example. Ryan Smith made national news earlier this year with his creative covert proposal that involved 148 pictures with hidden proposal messages.

He kind of ripped the idea from Dean Smith (not related) who videoed himself holding a marriage proposal message for 365 days straight before popping the question in person on an island getaway with his girlfriend’s family and friends there. Yep, Dean hit all the high notes in one proposal.


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