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Sailun Tires


Days are getting shorter, nights are getting colder, and winter is almost upon us here in North America. Doth do we say, “winter is here!” While you might be looking forward to warming up by the fire with your beverage of choice (hopefully it’s a warm one) and Internet-enabled electronic devices in hand, you might want to think about your vehicle and any upcoming holiday type travels. Even if you’re not planning to go somewhere over the holidays, it’s better to be ready for the unexpected; like when you need to get out of town to get away from a crazy ex!

It might sound lame, like something your parents would do, but depending on your locale and the amount you drive, having a dedicated set of winter tires could save you time and money. You might ask, “can winter tires really save me valuable commodities like my own time and money?”, to which we would respond, “You betcha!”


Winter tires are designed to handle cold temperatures and snow, both of which can be found in abundance during winter months all across North America. These types of specialty tires feature specially engineered tread patterns that help push icy road muck out of the way with vengeance. They will also help to improve traction and grip on slippery surfaces which is why they are sometimes referred to as “snow tires”, or more accurately, “snow-rated tires”. Their rubber compound is formulated specifically for colder climates and helps keep them flexible when temperatures dip below freezing (32°F/0°C) unlike all-season or summer tires. While some drivers will drive on winter tires all year round, it is not recommended to do so as they can wear out faster than expected.


If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel of your ride, especially in cold weather months and where it’s common for precipitation to happen, it might be time to work on preparing for your next snowy commute. Heck, even if you don’t regularly see severe types of weather, it might not be a terrible idea to do a little vehicular doomsday prep to keep the shiny side up, if you know what we’re saying. Items like fluid checks and tire pressures are typically performed by the average car guy looking to get their hands a little dirty. Sometimes these dudes know what they are doing, but those who know about having a dedicated set of snow tires, know!

Whether you are living all the way up in Alaska or you’re just stuck in middle Nebraska, a set of dedicated snow tires might make more of a beneficial investment than those who live in warmer and sunnier climates like Los Angeles. Sure, owning a second set of rubbers for your car or truck might be cumbersome, with storage being a bit tight in the old garage or shed. However, if you live where storms can get down and dirty, and want to ensure reliable and safe transportation during wintery conditions, then you should definitely consider getting yourself some dedicated winter tires!


Getting stranded or stuck on the side of the road in a snowstorm when you should be reaching your next destination is not fun at all! 10/10 would not recommend it! With weather patterns changing nationally at alarming rates, the chances of strong storm fronts rolling through your neighborhood are greater than ever. Places that have historically seldom experienced precipitation, like Los Angeles, are seeing more precipitation than they have in the past.

While it may not snow that often in LA, preparedness is not for the weak of mind. Knowing when and how to prepare for winter driving are two of the most important traits a driver can have. It’s the difference between being wounded versus surviving victoriously, and as Kings we know our own worth. At this point the question becomes, “what’s a well-equipped vehicle, made for any sort of foul-weather traveling, worth?”

Whether you drive a Lambo or your grandma’s old hand-me-down Impala, here are the top five reasons why you should consider a dedicated set of snow tires for your ride this winter.


Do you drive a lot? Like; a lot, A LOT? The more you drive in inclement weather increases the chances are of getting in an accident or wreck. There’s also more wear and tear on your tires. If you find yourself driving often in cold weather months around regions that can see a mix of precipitation, winter tires might be a great option for your wheels. Additionally, if you drive a lot, having a second set of tires can be beneficial, as you will be able to split your annual accrued mileage between two different sets. Winter tires are smart to have if you will be seeing a lot of roadtime in cold, inclement weather.


New drivers can benefit from having a dedicated set of winter tires installed on their whip since many novice car dudes are simply attempting to start and find their own route. Driving and maneuvering a vehicle through slick and icy conditions can be tricky, even for experienced drivers. Big yikes! Winter tires offer more confidence and a better overall driving experience in wintery conditions so that you don’t have to worry about skidding or loss of control while on the road. With improved traction, comes better stopping distances in icy conditions, leading to less chances of getting stuck, stranded, or worse.


If you live in an area with mountains, winter tires are an absolute must-have for your vehicle! Most of the people who live in and around mountainous terrain already know this, however, many who have just moved up the mountains from the flatlands may need to be reminded. Here’s a tip for all the nomads not in the know: the extra grip offered by dedicated winter tires will make navigating hillier roads much easier and safer than if you were using all-season tires. All-season tires might be great for the majority of your annual commuting but they simply aren’t designed to perform at peak performance in icy or snowy conditions. Elevation can also impact weather patterns so whenever you live on a mountain top, it’s always smart to use snow tires in the winter. Getting down the mountain might be easier than up, but remember–traction is traction. You either have it, or you’re slipping.


Whether you have a few kids or are just a bachelor out on holiday vacation, safe and reliable transportation is more than clutch. Winter tires are the safest and most reliable way to be certain that even if snow storms hit your area, you can still show up on time with your ride intact. Having a dedicated set of winter tires can help provide more control over the road when you travel during freezing precipitation and snow. That said; if you live somewhere that doesn’t receive much (if any) snowfall then winter tires may not be necessary as all-season tires should be able to handle the cold temperatures without issue.


Finally, if you’re the type of person who likes to always over prepare, you should definitely invest in dedicated winter tires if you haven’t done this already. In case any meteorologists want to predict the next blizzard to end them all, snow tires  will help make your vehicle ready for any snowy or icy travels that may come about. Winter tires are designed and engineered to offer superior traction and control compared to all-season tires, which means that you can drive with confidence even when Mother Nature is throwing everything she has at you!


So whether you’re traveling a little or a lot this winter, if you live near where it snows, investing in a set of dedicated winter tires could be one of the best decisions you ever make. With many households planning to make the trip to see family over the holidays, who can put a price on the safety of family and loved ones? Having these extra travel protections and preparedness during cold weather months can mean the difference between arriving safely or having an unfortunate incident that can bring your big plans to a complete standstill. Consider ordering a new set of snow tires for your cold weather travels today and make sure your family, and your ride stay safe in winter conditions!


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