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Fishing like a King: The Top 5 Carp Fishing Gear Stores Every Angler Should Use

Sailun Tires

Carp fishing involves catching some of the largest fish around, and they have an attitude! Without the right equipment, you will find yourself quickly overwhelmed and coming home without having caught anything at all.

To prevent that unfortunate outcome, we have listed five of the best places to source your equipment. From bait oils to high-quality reels, these stores have covered everything. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Total Fishing Tackle

If you are looking for a wide selection of carp fishing gear, then

Total Fishing Tackle is a solid choice. They possess a vast  range of gear specifically designed for carp fishing, from pellet oil to rods and mats. Essentially, everything you could need all in one place. 

Their prices are reasonable, especially for the quality, and there is even free UK delivery on orders over £30. There are options to pay for 30 days with Klarna as well, so affordability is a priority. If you are looking for convenience and variety, you can’t go wrong here.

Key Features

  • A wide range of products, especially carp fishing gear, suit all kinds of anglers
  • Free UK delivery over £30
  • Frequently updated blog with tips and advice for angling

2. Angling Direct

The slogan on Angling Direct’s website is ‘get everyone fishing,’ which is precisely what they achieve with their range of products. There is something for everyone on their site, with a particular emphasis on the kind of baits and lures you are using out on the water.

However, they also provide various sturdy reels perfect for bringing in large catches (like carp!). Additionally, they frequently offer percentage discounts across the store and have a specific section noted as ‘Sale & Clearance.’ When they said they wanted to get everyone fishing, they meant it! If you are planning your first fishing trip, here’s where you should start.

Key Features

  • Emphasis on affordability
  • Wide range of products available, often with percentage discounts
  • Genuine desire to make fishing a more accessible sport

3. Tackle UK

With a Trustpilot rating of five stars with over seventeen thousand reviews (and counting!), it is safe to say that Tackle UK is well-loved. A loyal customer base is an excellent indicator of the quality of a brand, but why is Tackle UK so popular? From what we can tell, it is due to their enduring commitment.

They have been in the market for over twenty-five years, continuously innovating and supplying the latest gear to their happy customers. Today, this results in a selection that covers everything from bait to boats.

Key Features

  • Rated five stars on Trustpilot with over seventeen thousand reviews
  • An enormous variety of products
  • In the market for over twenty-five years

4. Amazon

An unlikely addition to this list? Perhaps, but there is a reason Amazon has grown into a juggernaut of eCommerce, and it isn’t because of Jeff’s trip to space. Amazon has revolutionized the world of online shopping with high-speed delivery times and quality products.

Granted, you won’t get the specialized experience or know-how from Amazon that you would get from a site dedicated to selling carp gear. However, that doesn’t mean that you should count them out entirely. If you are a veteran and know what you want already, Amazon can provide lightning-fast delivery and, often, lower prices.

Key Features

  • If you know what you’re looking for, Amazon will have it.
  • Potential for same-day delivery of many items
  • Affordable with a wide range of products from multiple brands

5. Fishing Tackle and Bait

Last on our list, but by no means least, is Fishing Tackle and Bait. Its name might not exactly roll off the tongue, but it indeed tells you what they offer! Beyond tackle and bait, this brand provides a wide variety of carp fishing gear and clothing to prepare you for all weathers.

One of the best things about this brand is its commitment to customer service. With free delivery on orders over £20 and a return policy that extends to sixty days, they have pulled out all the stops to ensure you have a positive experience. They also provide an aptly named ‘fish now, pay later’ scheme via Klarna, so affordability is a consideration.

Key Features

  • An extensive range of items available, including carp gear and clothing
  • A return policy extending to sixty days
  • ‘Warehouse Clearance’ events with up to half price on selected products

Try Them For Yourself!

The best way to figure out which carp fishing gear is best for you is to try them out for yourself. That is why we took the time to list five of the best stores to get you started. Any one of these choices is solid, whether you are a beginner or a veteran.

Remember, the best way to find the perfect gear for you is to thoroughly know how you like to fish and which areas need improvement. From there, you can make informed purchases that will genuinely improve your fishing experience. Until then, you have guides like these, so start shopping!


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