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Top 5 Money Making Hobbies for Men


Top 5 Money Making Hobbies for Men

Did you know that you could have a hobby that will net you some extra cash? Although many hobbies can eventually pay for themselves, some are more lucrative than others. In addition, while something like knitting or quilting can bring in money, these may not be things that a guy would want to do. 5 of the best hobbies for men that can lead to extra income are:

  • Credit card rewards: For someone with a good credit score, going after the best credit card rewards can be a great way to pay for your next vacation or even to pay to get started in another money-making hobby. There are communities out there that are dedicated to helping people find the cards with the best rewards, the most airline miles, the most cash back. In order to make money with credit cards, however, you’ll need to have enough willpower not to max them out.
  • Wagering on sports: If you’re a man love to bet on online sport games, this hobby can pay for itself. Especially when combined with going after credit card rewards, as outlined above. Even if you’re not currently a man love to bet on online sport games, consider checking out the next few sports games to see if you can pick out the winner and if you could’ve made money off a bet.

  • Photography: If you’ve got an eye for a good picture and have friends who are always complementing your Instagram feed, you might be a candidate for selling your pictures. You may not even need professional equipment to move from amateur to professional. There are apps for both Android and iOS that will allow you to sell the pictures that you take. Some of these apps only pay a little for each photograph sold, while others may net you hundreds of dollars for a really exceptional picture.
  • Garage sales: Are you a guy who likes to search local garage sales for items of interest? If you’re already searching garage sales for things like interesting baseball cards or interesting gadgets, it’s easy enough to expand your search to items that can be sold at online auction. Although more and more people have the internet these days, not everyone researches every item before they put them out at a garage sale. Old games and toys, antique cookware, certain books, and more can often be found at garage or estate sales for a fraction of the price that they’re selling for online.

  • Pet care: If you love animals, pet sitting can be a great way to make extra money. For someone that loves dogs but currently lives in a rental that doesn’t allow pets, pet sitting can also be a great way to still get to play with fun dogs. This kind of pet sitter will go to the owner’s house or apartment two or three times a day to feed, water, walk, and play with the pet in question.
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