What Is Dropping Odds and Where to Find Them?

In this educational article, we are going to give you some basic information about what is the meaning of the word dropping odds and where we can find such odds while searching for something for betting. The world of sports betting is something huge and it will be great if we are all educated before we start placing bets. That is the reason for us to provide you with this explanatory review, so you can have the knowledge to be a successful punter.

What is the Meaning of the Word Dropping Odds?

If you are an inexperienced bettor and you see the word dropping odds, you will most probably wonder what does this mean. Well, it is nothing special, to be honest as this is literary what you think it is. The term itself, dropping means that it is something that reduces or decreases its value, while odds is odds, the chance of success. In most of the odds comparison websites, you can see such sections with dropping odds and thousands of events are going to be listed there.

Usually, there are some kinds of dropping odds as we are going to list them below. They will help you to filter your games and see which is the game with the biggest drop since the markets opened. Believe us, there is nothing hard to read the numbers and predict which dropping odd is good for betting and which is not. But let us show you the most common filters for this market called dropping odds:

  • 10% Dropping Odds
  • 20% Dropping Odds
  • 30% Dropping Odds
  • 40% Dropping Odds
  • 50% Dropping Odds

 Of course, based on the website, the filters and the percentages can be different. There are many other types of markets for different dropping odds. For example, you can look for such decreases in the chances for Over/Under markets or 1×2. It is totally up to you and the website you are using. We have our favourite website we are using as below you can see which is it.

Our Top Choice For Digging and Searching for Dropping Odds

In a world full of technology, we cannot search for dropping odds using the old school methods – writing down on a paper the odds of some selected games and markets and to compare them after a few days. The industry of sports betting is so advanced at the moment that it created a bunch of online software products such as Bettingmetrics. In this website, there is a special category called Dropping Odds, which can be easily found under the Odds Comparison tab. 

But this is not everything. The platform of Bettingmetrics is giving you the opportunity to receive multiple free bets, choose between thousands of sports events and even to check the latest sports betting tips by different punters from all over the world. With all these stuff combined together, this website is turning out to be the most powerful tool for one bettor who wants to be successful on the market.

How to Use the Dropping Odds?

We are sure that if you are going to bet on Dropping Odds you will get some nice profit on a long term base. But there are some basics which need to be followed if you want to achieve something like that. The most important thing is to sort out the sports events. Do not bet on games or sports which you are not familiar to. For example, if you are having no idea of the ice hockey game and you do not know the markets, seeing that a certain odds are dropping, this does not make it perfect for betting. 

Also, try to predict the outcome of the game, before the odds start dropping. It will be tough in the beginning but as soon as you know what you are doing, it will become very easy. When you know the sport and the markets, seeing a decrease in the odds will either supports or be against your prediction. What we suggest you do is to select a few games you want to bet and to get a reference with the dropping odds if they drop, then you can bet them, if the odds are rising, better skip it. And again, do not consider this as a sure bet as it is strongly not.

Reasons for a Certain Odds to Drop

Have you ever asked yourself, why some odds are dropping on a minute basis? The question is so simple – most of the odds are being controlled by humans (traders). They are following all the bets and news about the teams, players etc. If a lot of people are going to bet on a single market, the traders start dropping the odds, so they can attract more people to bet on the opposite. This is how the bookies are winning. 

Of course, this is not the only way or reason for certain odds to get dropped. If there are some team or player news about injury player or some fights in the dressing room, this makes the chances of the team N to lose bigger. The bookies cannot just pass these facts and they will ask the traders to decrease the chances (odds). 

There are, of course, many other reasons (small and big) for why a certain odd can drop but these two reasons we have discussed are the most important and valuable. 


We have come to an end of our great educational article about dropping odds. We cannot guarantee you any winnings but at least with following our tips and suggestions, you can be a successful bettor on a long term basis. Usually, the Dropping Odds is among the best ways to check whether your picks are going to get correct or not. If you have patience and you are betting only on the markets and sports which are familiar to yourself, you will definitely get some nice profit.


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