What Makes Horse Racing So Popular To Bet On?

Very few people actually watch horse racing as a hobby. In fact it is the 26th most-watched sport in America but comes in at the top five for betting popularity. So what makes it so popular?

The actual race is a sight to behold and can often grip you in a way that no other sport is able to. Time and again you are left wanting more having watched these magnificent beasts tear it down the final stretch. The impression it leaves is a long-lasting one and gets into every part of you, especially if you have ever stood on the side of the track during one of these races. 

Once you’ve placed your bet and made your way to the side of the racecourse, the sound of the herd coming past the fence reverberates deep within you and is sure to make you feel alive. Many punters would have felt that way during the 2019 Grand National when Tiger Roll won the event for the second time in a row

Punters in the know will be fully aware that the famous Irish thoroughbred will be looking to make history and win the Grand National for the third time, the first horse to do that since Red Rum in the 1970s. So on top of all the excitement that comes with punting, there are also intriguing storylines that draw people to the track. They want to witness history and see these once in a lifetime horses run.

It must be said though, there are a large group of punters that don’t get down to the track but still enjoy frequent bets on the sport; why is this the case? 

The simple truth is that there is huge value in horse racing and if you have decent background knowledge in the sport, you always stand a good chance of making a profit. Take a look at the horse racing betting at Betfair for example and you’ll see odds of 30/1, 40/1, and 50/1 on certain horses to win. These high odds mean that you don’t have to part with a huge stake when backing these.

He’s getting the most tremendous cheer from the crowd, they are willing him home now. The 12-year old, Red Rum, being proceeded only by loose horses. The finest moment in racing history? Red Rum’s third Grand National triumph.

This also lets you enjoy a day of punting on the horses given that the odds are so high, so you only really need one of your outside punts to land in order to make it a successful day. With many races happening every day from all around the world, you can afford to have more than one flutter on a winner. Naturally, this makes it quite a sociable sport to punt on as you team up with your friends to compare notes and see who can call the action correctly.

Really, there is something for everyone when it comes to punting on the horses and that’s what makes it one of the most popular sports in the world to bet on.


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