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Three Tricks to Help You Bet Like a Pro

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Sports betting is a popular pastime amongst adults around the world. You go up against your bookmaker on whatever sport you like to watch and bet on, in the hope that you are one of the lucky ones who wins.


It may be you chancing a big win, or a small bet for fun that would bring small returns. One thing we all have in common is that we would all love to win more.

Few succeed in that, and those that do are predominantly professional gamblers who put their heart and soul into their betting.

Want to win more? The best advice is to follow what they do, because it is clear that they are doing something right.

Regardless of the sport you bet on, how you bet and everything else, here are three tricks you can add into your betting that will help you to bet like a pro.

Betting Stakes

The size of your betting stakes does not have any affect on your success. However, what does matter is how they all relate to each other.

You have two options here, make sure you choose one and stick to it.


The first is the one for newcomers, and the easiest to implement.This is to keep your betting stakes identical every time you bet. It doesn’t matter if you’ve won five in a row, lost 10 in a row or something else.

Your first wager of the year, your last wager of the year and every single one in between should all be the same stake.

The second option is to have stakes depending on how strongly you like your pick. These are often referred to as points, with each point having a monetary value attached.

For example, a long shot is a one point bet, standard bet would be two points and a strong fancy would be three.

This gives you set stakes to work with, while also calling upon your talent as a picker to work out which of the bets you like the most. Do that and you will have regular winners with your largest stakes on them.

Researching the Odds

Anyone betting with one bookmaker account is not betting like a pro. Each bookmaker has different odds available, different terms on their bets, special offers and much more.

If you limit yourself to one service you are missing out on everything that the other services give, which could include getting a better price.

Each time you bet and take a price lower than the best out there you are leaving profit behind on the table. At the time, this may seem like a tiny amount of money but over the course of a year this adds up.

It is possible to profit from the free bets & promotions offered by bookmakers, and the more accounts you have open the more access you have to these offers.

Every time you bet with a free bet you are giving yourself the chance to add to your betting bank for free.

Removing Emotion

For many betting fans, a love of sports was the first thing to come. When you love sports you will more than likely have a favourite team, and have an opinion on many more, some good and some bad.

It is important to separate your love of sports with your betting. There should be no emotion attached to betting at all, as this will only lead to you making poor decisions.

You should also bet when you are of sound mind. Dealing with stress is vital for pro punters, as you should never bet when under stress.

If you are ever in doubt, the best advice is to leave that game out of your calculations, and bet on something else.

If you can use the tips above to manage your stakes, take advantage of betting offers and remove emotion you are on your way to betting like a pro.

The final step is to make picks like a pro, some will be able to do that while others won’t.


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