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Alex Kleyner Shares Online Shopping Tips So You Can Better Your Customer Experience

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Many people are becoming accustomed to online shopping for household essentials such as groceries, deli, baby items, pet food, and medicine. Many online shoppers are reporting less than a satisfactory score on their entire experience.

We sought to know from Alex Kleyner how companies can make the online shopping experience great for customers and what his company is doing to enhance customer satisfaction.

Easy and fast loading web apps & website – If your customers are making their orders on the website, ensure the website load time is fast, preferably a few seconds or less. Alex Kleyner says that the biggest competition for your business isn’t your rival, but your website. 

If the loading time goes on and on, it is highly likely that the customer will look elsewhere. Optimize for mobile – Millions of people are accessing the internet from their mobile phones. This means that if your website is not optimized for mobile, you are losing big time. Alex advises business leaders to go to where the customers are and not wait for customers to come to them. And in today’s interconnected world, more customers are on their tablets and smartphones and less on the desktop and laptop.

Easy navigation with UX/UI Design that is familiar to the Store2Door client base – Customers visiting your website do not want to spend much of their time looking for something. They want to log in and spot their product of choice within seconds. That is why Alex Kleyner and the Miami, Florida brain child who has expanded to Los Angeles and with this unique Saudi Arabia offering has made a name for itself by making it easy for their customers to spot all they need fast and cart out in a flash.

Invest in great photos – Online shoppers want to get that feeling like they are in the store in person. What better way of achieving this than posting wonderful photos. Alex Kleyner and Diane Smith who is leading new business growth contends that creating visual appeal to your customers assures them they are getting the right thing, and in this way, the return policy is not likely to be invoked.

Create a customer review platform – Buyers are making purchase decisions based on what their friends and fellow customers say about a business, product, or service rather than what they see in a television commercial. For this reason, businesses need to invest in a website or platform where customers can leave a review. At, customers can write about the service they have received from the company. The reviews help the company to know what areas they are excelling in and which areas need improvement.

FAQ page – Include a FAQ page on your website where customers can open and find answers to their questions. The beauty of FAQ pages is that it frees your staff to perform tasks other than answering customer queries all the time. In an online store FAQ page, including answers to common questions like how to order, how to pay, the return policy, and charges/fees payable.

Make check-out simple – After a customer has filled their cart, make the check-out process simple whether you’re from Ulis, Florida or New York City software needs to be user friendly. Research shows that difficulty in checking out is a major inhibitor of online shopping. At, the check-out process is simplified. Customers can leave their cart for up to 50 days and check out once they are ready to do so.

In conclusion, Alex Kleyner predicts robust growth in online shopping but adds this rider; that only those businesses that invest in customer experience will reap the dividends of that growth.


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