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How a mentor can help your business grow: Georg Engelmann Explains

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“Finding a mentor should be a top priority for any start-up or burgeoning company owner,” says Georg Engelmann, C.E.O. and President of Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. “I have had many of them along the way. My parents and grandparents were my first. They grounded me in core principles and values, which is a respect for God and the work ethic.”

Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. engages in the water-energy-infrastructure loop…through its alignment with several affiliate development companies aimed at alternative energy systems, Global Oceanic Designs, and SeaDog Systems, Inc., offers a multi-purpose dam-free hydroelectric wave-driven energy system, set to bring real promise and change to the future of Ocean Energies.

This system maximizes the manipulation of Ocean Energies. Working to heal the planet through wave-energy sustainability practices is no small feat. As Georg Engelmann knows firsthand, a company like this requires stalwart minds and mentors to see its continued success.

Any seasoned entrepreneur will tell you that starting a company comes with its fair share of hurdles. Newcomers and seasoned pros alike find themselves in situations where assistance from someone will give real clarity to whatever problem challenges them. Experienced business veterans, commonly swallow their egos and seek help from advisers, who offer profound fundamental guidance, directing them in a more positive direction.


Finding a mentor should be a top priority, if not a necessity, for any business-oriented person, not only at the inception of the endeavor, but at every phase of your business. New challenges grow and evolve as your company develops. Your teammates and confidants will have been in the trenches with you, skirting disaster and being embroiled in the day-to-day. When it comes to evaluating a business, mentors exhibit a special advantage through a fresh and un-jaded view of the overall scenario.

“Because some mentors don’t work through the day-to-day with you, they can look at your company with fresh eyes and clear concepts, or perspectives,” Mr. Engelmann says. “This perspective allows their unique insight, a bird’s eye-view per se, to properly evaluate what’s happening within. They’ll offer exceptional ideas when noticing parallels to their own business ventures in the past, or ones in which they have participated!”

A mentor’s overall potential,is to serve as a source of knowledge and comprehension that can’t be understated. Mentors provide specific nuggets of knowledge that maximize team performance. In the throes of a workday, this experience and perspective can often outshine sheer intelligence.

Having the advantage of surefire wisdom from a trusted mentor helps you avoid obstacles; others may let hinder or stifle them. A neophyte backed by strong, supporting mentors often faces challenges with more assured confidence, adding to a greater probability of success!

This kind of encouragement remains invaluable. If a businessman has access to reliable mentor’s, these confidants often become their most trustworthy allies and secret weapons in their endeavors.

Additionally, mentors provide more than business advice. They provide insights into personal growth. “I was blessed knowing a guy, my roommate and best friend in college, who took me under his wing. He taught me how to weld, work on the waterfront and work on boats. He carried me up to Alaska, working in the commercial fishing industry as an engineer and deckhand on a fishing vessel. This mentorship gave a grand foundation to what would later become my offshore career.”

I learned a lot about self-discipline, self-respect, and more importantly, respect for others. My roommate coached me and told me when I did things right, but more importantly when I was doing them wrong. “It’s not the pat on the back for what is right that is important. It is the knowledge and the foresight of what could go wrong. This education taught me a lot of lessons that became valuable later in life.” Mr. Engelmann stated.

“Beyond that, I’ve encountered helpful superiors, in different jobs and in different roles, who have always taken a personal interest in my ability. They nurtured my desire to be effective and stood up for me when things were going wrong and made them right. I’ve always recognized the value of their participation, along with their support and tried to emulate those positive behaviors with those whom I have mentored… carrying on this supportive tradition.”

When it comes to Mr. Engelmann’s company, Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc., these tried-and-true seasoned systems of mentorship along with their support continue to be fostered within the company culture.

Mentors are used in many forms bringing specific talents and wisdom to the corporate table. Some of them may be part of your team like, Kenneth W. Welch, Jr. inventor and C.E.O. of Global Oceanic Designs and SeaDog Systems Inc. and others that are not! In some circumstances they even may be your business partner/partners. This is happening in Georg’s overall operation.

“As much as Ken’s been a partner, board member and as a client, he’s also been a great mentor,” Mr. Engelmann says. “These supporting roles of participation are vital in the overall direction of not only my company, but nearly all companies being developed today’s world.”

With the assistance of mentors, Mr. Engelmann created a dynamic, forward-thinking company in Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc., a multifaceted, multi-skilled diverse combination of products and individuals who foresee a healed planet in the near future… through the technologies they market, developed by Global Oceanic Designs and SeaDog Systems, Inc.!

Their discovery in realistic options will support Ocean Energies, noble goals, of a sustainable planet. Supported with the guidance of seasoned mentors, developers and operators forged through Georg’s journey in the offshore water and energy worlds. Stating, “Mentors provide the intellectual wherewithal and insight to reach nearly any desired goal with a sound foundation, vision and management team open to their assistance.”




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