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How GP Transco Built Multi-Million Dollar Trucking Business

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Last year during a road trip from New Orleans to Orlando, Florida, my friend and I were deliberating about the innovative trucking companies in America and how they have revitalized their trucking business globally. According to the American Trucker Association, the trucking industry is essentially the backbone of the economy of the United States.

More than 70 percent of goods moved in the US are delivered by trucks, and 10.5 tons of freight are carried by trucks annually. There are 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the US and an additional 5.2 million people employed within the truck-driving industry. The national logistics company plays a big part in providing a full array of freight delivery, freight brokerage, and distribution services to organizations.

For the past few years, innovative trucking companies have been the topic of discussion in the trucking industry. According to American Trucking Associations spokesman Clayton Boyce, truckers have transformed the previously strenuous process of delivering a package. They have adopted modern technology such as capacity-as-a-service and automated driver assist. In fact, the freight trucking industry is largely serving as the circulatory system of the American economy, moving almost 70 percent of the country’s total freight tonnage from coast to coast every year. This allows us to introduce an innovative company known as GP Transco to the readers. When GP Transco launched over 16 years ago, the trucking company intended to create a trucking and logistics company that is truly modern.

“With our priorities being safety, the satisfaction of our clients and employees, a modern approach to the industry, and environmental consciousness, we agreed that as long as we are in business, we will follow standard industry practices. So, we opt for a new trucking perspective to modernize our equipment and logistics. We aspire to improve our standard practices and implement improvements in our operations.”

This year, the hard work continues! The company focuses on the heart of its business to reach its goals, i.e., to provide fair treatment to staff and drivers and offer them market competitive compensation and benefits. Think outside of the box in terms of innovation and technology and provide customers with top-of-the-line service and support.

Exhilarating things began to happen at GP Transco. The trucking and logistics company from Joliet, Illinois, ranks among the top ten best trucking companies that have been involved in business for over sixteen years. “This brought in a new era, and since 2015, we have demonstrated outstanding growth, using our new branding and marketing efforts. Today we are an Inc. 5000 and Crain’s Fast 50 Company. Just last month, we became the 5th best trucking company to drive for on TDS says, Dominic Zastarskis, CEO of GP Transco.

Thanks to the new branding, marketing efforts, and GP’s extensive customer base, the company has maintained consistent growth. Being committed to excellence, GP Transco has explored innovations that will positively impact the company’s business over the next few years. The year 2020 marked the start of constructing a building that would be the new corporate headquarters in Joliet.

GP Transco has invested a lot to modernize its trucks trailers and equipment. Their major milestone is to establish modern offices that are integrated with art and designing and aesthetic sense. The color, lighting, open spaces, and decoration enhance the creativity and productivity of the staff.

“This new headquarters is a major milestone in the history of GP Transco, and we couldn’t be more excited to call the city of Joliet our new home,” stated GP Transco CEO Dominic Zastarskis 

The construction of the new office is a part of our overall growth plan. The new building is designed to be beautiful and functional, with facilities that are open for staff and drivers. At headquarters, the atmosphere is more akin to that of a modern IT company. There are social media involvement programs for our drivers, photo contests, rewards for ‘driver of the month’, and much more. The staff and drivers can enjoy various facilities such as they can use the basketball court or gym, showers, vending areas, kitchen, laundry room, piano, gaming area, and a lounge to relax. The aim is to treat the drivers with complete respect and transparency and create a comfortable environment for drivers to relax and enjoy. The office also consists of five hundred trucks and trailers to park along with a maintenance shop.

With an outstanding safety record, 99% on-time delivery, highly experienced drivers, GP Transco is truly catered to meet the professional needs of the drivers and provide them with outstanding benefits. The company is ranked top among the highest paying carrier in its dry van W2 carriers segment. The base pay of drivers has increased to 60 CPM today.

The company also announced six-month raises to qualifying company drivers. As per our company policy, for those drivers who have worked at GP Transco for over four years and have performed exceptionally well, the top-performing over-the-road drivers will earn a combined base of 68 CPM. The outstanding benefits comprise full health insurance, dental, vision, long and short-term disability, and more.

“Seeing our amazing office staff, outstanding technicians and professional truck drivers continue to do great work without sacrificing efficiency or quality, all while allowing the company to continue to grow, has been truly extraordinary. We are proud of the team and cannot thank them enough; GP Transco’s growth and success could not have happened without them.”- states Dominic Zastarskis, CEO of GP Transco

One thing that makes GP Transco stand out among thousands of carriers is our in-house developer, proprietary Transportation Management System (TMS). GP Transco customers enjoy automation, transparency, quicker delivery, and overall reliability.

GP Transco aims to make its trucks distinct and recognizable to other trucking companies when it comes to marketing. In 2006, GP Transco started as a small motor carrier and has since grown to include an in-house maintenance department, brokerage division, and even a custom-built transportation management system (OpenRoad TMS). The company has employed a modern trucking technology business plan that leverages new technologies to create a better experience for its drivers and customers. The marketing plan helps rebrand the trucks, providing new designs and models. These trucks are more environmentally friendly than the ones they replace. The new vehicles used by GP Transco have built-in electric power units (EPU) that help GP Transco save $350,000 in annual fuel costs.

An extensive GP Transco driver survey report from July 17, 2018, to present states the company’s outstanding growth. The growth operations have reached over 500 trucks and over 700 trailers. The company has achieved a significant milestone by opening 40,000-square-foot modern industrial-scaled, technology-based headquarters. The high progress of GP Transco has helped it to earn recognition in a competitive market. GP Transco takes pride in providing safe and reliable dry van freight transportation and logistics services to a diverse group of clients across the United States and Canada. By utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and modern workflows, the company provides its clientele with industry-leading freight transportation solutions.

Today, GP Transco feels honored to be regarded as one of the highest-paying trucking companies in the country for truck drivers. The company aspires to attract and set a good example for other companies to follow.

“We put a strong emphasis on technology — working smarter, etc., which is one of the main things that allowed us to stay productive. We’ve been around for over a decade, and we pride ourselves on constantly adding new technologies and improvements to our operations, helping our shippers and carriers go further.”-Sergey Bort, GP Transco’s Vice President of Marketing & Strategic business development.


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