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Modern Home Office Ideas & Essentials

Sailun Tires

Owning the most professional equipment makes you feel like a pro. Explore these Modern Home Office Ideas & Essentials to improve productivity and comfort.

Mass layoffs and an uncertain economy might make it seem like this is the time to cut corners and make do with whatever’s available to get your job done, but hear us out for a minute.

You get more done — and better work done — when you put together a great space.

If you have tools that are not only functional but beautifully and intelligently designed, you’re freed from maintenance and other distractions.

Owning the most professional equipment, in other words, makes you feel like a pro.

We’ve reached out to the best brands in a range of categories to help you pick and choose products that will help motivate you to excel, no matter what 2020 has thrown at you so far.

Infinimin Multivitamin

First things first: before you go shopping for furniture or gear, you’re going to need all the energy and immunity you can get.

With natural products on the rise is our healthcare system, Infinimun says its products have skyrocketed in use across the globe. its evidenced based research has shown a dramatic response by its customers and they have come forward with showcasing their support on unique television shows and even by becoming an employees.

Its flagship product, Infinimin, is a unique product that has gotten a unique niche within the high profile markets. Its mulitivitamin is the NFL registered multivitamin used by their Nutrition and Strength and Conditioning coaches, martial artists including Robert Downey Jr ( a grandmaster of Wing Chun), as well as the preferred multivitamin of choice by the Mayo Clinic Hospitals, the #1 Hospital in the world. Having so much anecdotal evidence of success by its customers, the company has recently completed its proof of concept study for Infinimin on four cancer cell lines, and found dramatic results in the reduction oof cell viability were seen for all 4 cancer cell lines.

Finally, with the most recent Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Infinimin sales have skyrocketed as it has shown to have antiviral properties against coronaviruses. The bottom line: Infinimin has grown to be a premium multivitamin that is looked at as the ultimate supplement in health maintenance across the globe.


Olson Form Machine Series Desk Collection

Whether you’re back in an office or continuing to work from home, your desk represents the ultimate headquarters where you get work done. That means a modern home office should include an arsenal of tools within arm’s reach. Olson Form has thought of everything with this collection, which features luxury statement pieces that are crafted from 6061 Aluminum Alloy and completed with a sleek, silver MIL-A-8625 Type II silver anodized finish for gleaming, groovy ridges that are smooth to the touch.

Everything here brings elegance and sophistication that elevates the most routine tasks. Sign cheques or important documents with the Bolt Action Pen. Open envelopes with the precision of a surgeon with the letter opener. Show off your title with the business cardholder. There’s even a special stand to rest your phone, a cable weight, money clip, and coaster.

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Schitt Audio Freya+

Designed and built in California, the Freya+ is a remote controlled preamp that offers a 128-step relay-switched step attenuator volume control with perfect channel matching that you can run from the comfort of your chair. A lot of traditional pre-amps can make annoying side noises, but the Freya+ uses 6SN7 tubes and DC heaters that make it silent as a whisper. These tubes and heaters can go away when you’re not using the premap, which means you won’t be looking for replacement parts anytime soon.

The 128-Step Relay Switched Volume is the easiest you’ll ever use because it has only one knob that actually works the way you’d expect it to — by grabbing it and turning it. Even better, the motorized potentiometer stays consistent if you use the remote to control it.


Schitt Audio Ragnarok

Modern home offices deserve great sound. As anyone who’s watched the Thor movie knows, Ragnarok was the “end of the world” in Norse mythology. Schitt has delivered a similar penultimate experience with the Ragnarok 2, a modular, remote-controlled integrated amp that’s a great match for both speakers and headphones. You can order it as just an amp with two RCA input modules installed, for a total of two balanced inputs and three RCA inputs, ready for you to add all your line-level sources.

Alternately, get two balanced imputes with a MM phono preamp and a True Multibit DAC, along with one RCA line level input, one RCA phono input, and one USB DAC input. Being fully loaded means you’ll have a single integrated solution for a variety of analog and digital needs. Either way, you’ll get a remote control that no only lets you run everything at a distance.

Ragnarok 2 also marks the debut of what the company calls its unique differential Nexus™ gain stage for seamless interaction between single-ended and balanced sources. Nexus converts single-ended inputs to balanced outputs, and balanced inputs to single-ended outputs—in a single gain discrete gain stage, without gain differences between modes, and with good performance in all modes. 


Humanscale QuickStand Eco

Credits to The Lighting Judge

Sit/stand workstations are one of our favorite modern home office ideas. With its minimal footprint, sleek design, and easy set-up, Humanscale’s award-winning QuickStand Eco is a real game-changer for sit/stand workstations. For decades, office furniture was designed to be stationary and people were required to adjust their physical positions around the tools in their workstation; ergonomists now know that it’s important for people to be able to move freely throughout the day in order to be healthy, comfortable and focused at work.

To support movement, furniture should adjust to the user, not the other way around. QuickStand Eco’s retrofittable design makes for a quick and simple installation while its unique cable management system declutters work surfaces for a minimalist aesthetic. It features portability and adjustability, transforming ordinary desktops into healthy, active workspaces. Made of sustainable materials, QuickStand Eco utilizes minimal parts and pieces, limiting its environmental footprint and maintaining its clean appeal.

This portable sit/stand rests on any flat surface (an existing desk, table, or even a kitchen counter) and moves effortlessly with users as they go from sitting to standing, or vice versa. It’s compatible with laptops, single or dual monitors. QuickStand Eco complements a variety of workspaces and is designed to remain good-as-new in both appearance and functionality for years to come.


Humanscale Different World

A lightweight, all-mesh chair designed with minimal parts for the ultimate user-friendly experience, Humanscale’s Diffrient World, is like all of its other products, simple, beautiful, and functional.

With its self-adjusting design, the Diffrient World chair ensures optimal ergonomic support by using an invisible, weight-sensitive recline that adjusts automatically along with armrests that are attached to the back of the chair, allowing the chair to move seamlessly with the user. This groundbreaking, mechanism-free recline action leverages two parts of the chair’s frame to provide automatic and balanced support, ultimately enhancing user stability. An innovative tri-panel mesh backrest provides custom back and lumbar support, perfectly conforming to the sitter’s entire back, as if it were customized just for them. Diffrient World replaces the standard cushion seat with a low abrasion, non-stretch mesh. Additionally, to maximize comfort, designer Niels Diffrient eliminated the front edge of the chair, solving a perennial problem of hard edges placing pressure on the knees and contact stress behind the thighs, providing every sitter with long-term comfort and total support. A high quality, affordable task chair with fewer and simpler parts, Diffrient World was built with longevity in mind and will look as good in ten years as it does today.


Humanscale Float/eFloat

Humanscale’s Float line is a revolutionary standing office desk solution that brings effortless operation to traditional sit-stand products. Ease of use is at the heart of Float, as it seamlessly adjusts between sitting and standing postures that encourages an active workspace without interrupting workflow. With a minimal aesthetic, Float complements any workspace.

Float makes standing almost effortless and instant. By eliminating awkward cranks and noisy, slow motors, Float removes obstacles that typically discourage the use of height-adjustable desks. An innovative counterbalance mechanism, allows it to adjust up or down while accommodating changing weight loads while making the table even more simple to adjust, so the user can always find the ideal height for health and comfort. Float has clean, minimal lines that complement its modern functionality. Accommodating multiple sizes and shapes of tops, Float can easily incorporate into any office or home environment. It’s inspiring design also allows for unrestricted space for legs, knees and feet beneath the work surface.

Humanscale’s eFloat line, the electric equivalent to Float, brings state-of-the-art performance and flexibility to the modern workspace. Simply add your desired work surface to this height-adjustable table base and enjoy a healthier work style. At the press of a button, users can quickly find their ideal desk height for long-term comfort and well being. Available in four touchpad options, including a digital memory touchpad that can store preferred positions, eFloat is easy to customize to each user’s needs and allows for simple, noise-free height adjustment throughout the day.


Humanscale Monitor Arms

Humanscale’s best-selling line of monitor arms are designed to lift monitors to the optimal ergonomic height and depth, reducing eye and neck strain. Engineered for unprecedented adaptability, Humanscale’s line of monitor arms meet a variety of configuration needs from traditional desks to sit/stand workstations, and offer the unique ability to customize the arm style to suit any application. A patented weight-compensating spring technology ensures simple, fluid range of motion. The new line can support monitors up to 48 pounds.

These monitor arms also utilize a precision-bearing technology that provides effortless depth adjustment, a critical ergonomic factor that affects eye muscle fatigue. For added functionality, Humanscale introduced Smart Stop technology, which provides the ability to stop the arm and monitor anywhere along its rotation to protect equipment and employees, and to prevent monitor or arm overhang on desk edges. With a sleek and timeless design born of function and simplicity, the monitor arms blend into any environment.

All Humanscale monitor arms offer a full cable management solution, which removes unsightly wires from the desktop area, neatly organizing and incorporating them into the length of the arm. By integrating M/Connect, Humanscale’s USB docking station, into the base of the arm, users can connect their laptops to their monitors and other devices while eliminating all cables from the desktop via Split Dock technology. An essential tool for smart offices and spaces, monitor arms promote healthier postures for computer users, while increasing usable desk surfaces and eliminating clutter.


Humanscale Keyboard Trays

In many ways, a keyboard support is the heart of an ergonomic workstation. As reach and vision drive posture, Humanscale’s line of keyboard trays allow the user to sit in a healthy, neutral posture through bringing the keyboard and mouse to the user in an ergonomic position. A well-designed keyboard tray offers protection from carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain and other musculoskeletal issues.

Since 1999, Humanscale has been the leading manufacturer of under desk keyboard systems, and today sells more than all other manufacturers combined. Humanscale’s patented keyboard systems have effortless height and angle adjustment, promoting negative tilt keying so that the keyboard platforms will never go into a positive tilt.

A decade of ergonomic research shows that using a negative sloped adjustable keyboard tray maximizes the time spent working in a neutral hand, wrist and upper body postures, according to Dr. Alan Hedge of Cornell University. Humanscale keyboard trays are solidly anchored to any work surface, and shape to specific user needs. Hypoallergenic Gel palm supports offer height and durability. Humanscale offers three negative-tilt keyboard systems from 5G to its latest 6G, which combines easy dial-a-tilt and height adjustability. Humanscale’s under desk keyboard trays come in many different configurations, including left/right customization.


Oakywood Walnut Laptop Stand

Walnut laptop stand is one of the flagship products of Oakywood – an original woodworking company located in the southern area of Poland, Podhale. In this majestic, mountainous region, traditional woodworking techniques are passed down through generations. Oakywood combines the experience of genuine craftsmanship with a good knowledge of modern technologies, to provide high-quality wooden products increasing the work efficiency and guaranteeing maximum comfort.

Walnut stand is a handcrafted designer accessory, made of solid wood and hard steel. Designed to boost your working performance, the stand raises your device 6 inches to provide an ergonomic position of an eye level. Elevating your laptop not only reduces eye or neck strain and provides the perfect working angle but also helps to organize and structure the workspace. Delicate, ecological oil finish emphasizes the natural charm of walnut wood and perfectly underlines its unique color and texture. No two pieces of wood are the same – that is why all Oakywood laptop stands slightly differ, but (invariably) were created with a genuine passion and commitment.

At Oakywood, each piece of wood is treated with all due respect and responsibility. For the company founders wood is not only the raw material from which technological accessories are made, but first of all, it is a mediator between humans and nature. Oakywood tries to raise awareness about the importance of trees and neutralize the negative effects of industrial production. Therefore, the Podhale-based company uses only natural, ecological materials, and participates in the One Tree Planted program, planting one tree in the endangered area of the world for every sold product.


Kensington FreshView™Wellness Monitor Stand with Air Purifier

Designed to improve employee wellness and increase productivity, the stand elevates the monitor to promote a healthy posture and optimize comfort for the neck and shoulders.

Its steel base offers a stylish look for the modern office and durable support for monitors and all-in-one PC’sup to 27” and a maximum load of 200 lbs.

It also provides ozone-free advanced filtration using a pre-filter with activated carbonand a HEPA 11 filter to remove 95% of common pollutants, including PM2.5, dust, particles, and VOC odors and gases caused by smoking, new construction, new furniture, pets and cooking.

The system is designed to last up to 2000 hours and cost-effective replacement kits are available (K55463WW).

The stand easily connects to a USB port on a docking station, laptop, power bank or mobile power adapter for quiet (35/45 dBA) and energy-efficient workspace air purification.

The purifier can also be removed and used as a standalone air purifier (7.6in x 6.5in x 3.6in) or (194mm x 164.5mm x 92mm) in other personal spaces or cubicles up to 16 square feet.

Two repositionable magnetic cable clips keep cords organized for a tidier workspace. The clips can be positioned anywhere on the frame of the monitor stand to keep the cables for your keyboard, mouse and other desktop accessories organized.


Varidesk Pro Plus 48

Over the last few months, millions of people have been working from home. For some people, remote work was a glorious change at first, bringing an extra hour of sleep, no tedious commute, and quite literally all the comforts of home. But now, months into working remotely, it is time for a change – especially if you’re on the couch or at the kitchen table.

How do you make working from home work for you? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your setup – after all, having a dedicated workspace can make a world of difference.

Even if you have the luxury of a great home office, sitting on back-to-back virtual calls all day may leave you feeling restless. Using a standing desk can encourage you to change it up and move more.

Enter the VariDesk ProPlus 48, which transforms any desk or table into your very own standing desk. Made with high-quality materials, the VariDesk ProPlus 48 offers plenty of sturdy desk space with ample room for a keyboard and two monitor screens. With eleven height settings, you’re sure to find the one that works best for you.

Another perk? The desktop converter comes fully assembled and is ready to use straight out of the box. If your space is on the more compact side, the VariDesk Pro Plus comes in a 36-inch and 30-inch model, both designed for smaller areas. If you’re working in the dining room, the VariDesk ProPlus simply sits atop your existing table to create a standing desk instantly.

From better posture to better productivity, working at a standing desk is a great elevate the way you work.


Knoll Hipso Height-Adjustable Desk

Hipso is a sturdy, affordable, easy-to-assemble, easy-to-operate Knoll-designed height-adjustable desk, delivering sit-to-stand well-being and ergonomic support. It is available in three sizes: 45″ x 24″, 51″ x 24″, and 57″ x 30″. All three share dual motors to lift its 1.25″ thick laminate top for standing desk duties.

Rated for up to 265lb lift-load capacity, the desk is intended to work in conjunction with other ergonomic solutions, like work chairs, monitor arms, and other tech/office accessories for healthy best practices when charged to  working from home, and can extend almost twenty additional inches up.

The 57″ x 30″ desk is well-suited to those who need more desktop space to pivot between digital and analog work.


Fluidstance Balance Board For Standing Desk

Transform the way you work and how you feel about it. Make work more fun, be more productive, and do good things for your body with The Original, Fluidstance’s category-creating balance board.

With a  hand-cast “skeleton” base, extreme sturdiness, it was designed to be strong enough to withstand the weight of the company founder’s truck driving over it.

The minute you step on to the Original’s top deck and start moving, you’ll notice a difference in how you work. Your mind will focus, while your body will respond with natural micro-movements that will soothe stiff joints, burn calories, keep you awake and alert (yes, you can avoid those afternoon snoozies!), and strengthen and stabilize your body.

According to a study of more than 400 FluidStance users, a vast majority felt more comfortable and more productive after using their board for just one week.


Secretlab 2020 Series – Omega

Secretlab has taken the performance-oriented philosophy of luxury car seats and adapted it to provide long hours of comfort at a desk. Each chair is outfitted with a thick layer of patent-pending cold-cure foam to provide the perfect blend between comfort and support, serving up a cradling, supportive feel that will keep you focused and engaged all day.

Specially formulated to be medium-firm, Secretlab’s signature cold-cure foam effectively retains its shape and form even after long hours of sitting. Made with materials of the highest grade and certified beyond industry standards for both safety and durability, the result is a premium sitting experience on par with what you’d expect from high-end automobiles.

On top of that, Secretlab chairs are outfitted with a full-length backrest and extensive adjustability features, including built-in lumbar support for your lower back and four-directional armrests outfitted with a full-metal internal mechanism to make them even sturdier and smoother. These features all play a crucial role in ergonomics yet are often missing in most office and gaming chairs today.

Through years of prototyping and R&D, Secretlab has put the tiniest details of the chair under a magnifying glass, and every design decision was made with the goal of significantly improving the overall experience. This means continually seeking out more durable and supple leathers, simplifying the assembly process, and beefing up the adjustability features of the chair, among other things.


Regeneration By Knoll

Innovative in its simplicity, ReGeneration minimizes materials and components. The straightforward design leverages flexible, durable and sustainable materials that respond to your movements, providing comfort and support throughout the day.

ReGeneration gives you the comfort and support you need as you move about your day without interrupting your work flow. With simple, minimal adjustments and responsive performance, ReGeneration supports the body’s natural tendency to move, promoting comfort and freedom of movement with three key features.

The ReGeneration includes a high performance elastomer Flex Back Net with integral lumbar support. Optional adjustable lumbar support available.

Discover the Flex Seat with three sides of seat edge flex and seat depth adjustment. Set-back arms for leg clearance and contoured arm pads offer continuous Lumbar support when side sitting.

The chair also features weight compensated Dynamic Suspension control with a smooth, synchronized recline and four independent flexors that respond to multidirectional movement. Enjoy a recline resistance feature for greater upright support.



BackShield is an innovative company dedicated to transforming the lives of those suffering from back pain. While sitting for hours may have caused pain in the past, it doesn’t have to in your modern home office.

Sit for hours pain free with BackShield’s patented ergonomic design gently lifts the backbone to alleviate pressure along your entire spine, not just your lower back. Reduce stress and tension on your neck, shoulder, and lumbar areas to prevent and relieve back pain while sitting in your home office/desk chair, car, RV, or truck.

BackShield may help relief lower back pain, degenerative discs, herniated discs, neck and cervical pain, compressed discs, hip and back pain. Unlike cushions, foam, or orthopedic back support devices, BackShield delivers the proper contour for spinal alignment while thwarting spinal compression.

Luxuriously comfortable, the triple-layer construction of BackShield uses superior materials to envelop your back in complete comfort. Engineered to provide the perfect combination of flexibility and support and ventilated to help you keep cool.

Trust the company’s satisfied customers whose lives have been transformed by this innovative product! This is the solution that anyone working from home or frequently sitting has been waiting for – improve your posture and your daily life today.


Kensington SmartFit Solemate Plus Foot Rest

The Kensington Smartfit System allows you to dial in your ideal setting, with adjustable height and tilt options that you can match to your personal comfort color using the hand chart that’s included with your foot rest.

Work in better comfort throughout the day as the foot rest helps put you in better, stress-reducing posture while you’re sitting, which relieves pressure on your feet, back and legs.

With a simple push of your foot on the pedal, you can make adjustments to the foot rest without having to get out of your chair and interrupting your productivity, 3.5”-5” in height or 30 degrees in tilt.

It’s also a non-skid surface, thanks to large area covered in black rubber that provides great stability for your feet while you’re sitting so you don’t need to worry about them slipping off the foot rest.


Razer Pro Type

A big part of producing top-quality work comes from the quality of your office equipment—so why settle for anything less? Take your productivity to the next level with a wireless keyboard that offers a superior typing experience, engineered for the optimal balance of performance and comfort.

This sleek, minimalist keyboard is extremely comfortable to use and has keycaps lined with a fingerprint-resistant, soft-touch coating—for a luxurious, cushioned feel that makes it a joy to type on.

Enjoy more responsive, tactile typing with keys which require less force to press and have a lower sound profile compared to other mechanical keyboards—for minimal disturbance to others when working.

Pair the keyboard with up to 4 devices and conveniently switch between your desktop, laptop, Android tablet or TV screen with just one click, without the constant need to pair and unpair.

Durable for up to 80 million keystrokes, the Razer Pro Type is built to keep up with the rigors of demanding office work and is well-suited to deliver consistent, reliable performance over long periods of intense use.

Customize your keyboard to best suit your work style. Remap keys, record macros, assign secondary functions and create personal shortcuts to help you maximize your workflow.

Adjust the brightness of the keyboard’s lighting so that you can type and work in any environment no matter how dark it gets.


Razer Pro Glide

This is where comfort meets control. Boost your productivity by optimizing your work space with the Razer Pro Glide—a soft mouse mat designed to give you a higher degree of mouse control for the task at hand, and made of thick, high-density rubber foam that is as durable as it is comfortable to use.

At 3mm thick, it has thick, high-density rubber foam that provides cushioning for your hand and a sturdy base for your mouse when working, while being tough enough to withstand prolonged use.

The mat’s smooth textured micro-weave cloth surface allows for quick, effortless swipes while you work, and is optimized across all mouse sensors to ensure accurate tracking.

The rubberized anti-slipbase is enhanced with a special grip texture that maintains a firm hold on your work desk, ensuring no unintentional shifting of the mat as you’re using it.


Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Vertical Wireless Trackball


The Pro Fit Ego Vertical Wireless Track Ball’s ergonomist-approved design promotes proper wrist, arm, and shoulder alignment to maximize comfort and minimize potential strains.

It’s also easy to use and reduces learning curve when transitioning from a mouse to a trackball.

Designed with premium precision and speed in mind, the mouse provides more accurate and smooth cursor control, and allows you to easily switch between DPI settings for different cursor speed control.

Its flexible wireless connection options allow stable connectivity for up to three computers. Best of all, you can experience plug-and-play default settings or use KensingtonWorks software to set pointer and scrolling options and professionally customize nine buttons to tackle common tasks with one touch. It also provides a button to eject the trackball for easy cleaning.



Fluidstance Slope


Inspired by an open, groomed ski run, FluidStance’s Slope lets you lay down your thoughts while you help protect our forests. Worthy of the modern office, the Slope was designed to fit perfectly in the space between your keyboard and monitor. It offers a gentle angle for writing and a premium dry-erase surface. Slope’s raised surface means you can slide your keyboard under it for storage, freeing up extra space on your desk.

Slope features a phone dock that allows the perfect angle of view, with a dedicated space for your charging cable. And, there’s a channel to hold your dry-erase marker and other tools. The Slope is made of 100% heavy-duty steel (perfect for magnets) and is powder-coated with a low-emissions method near our warehouse in Santa Barbara, California for the perfect dry-erase surface on your desk.

Slope has felt bumpers to protect your desk and a dry-erase pen with eraser.

Made in California. And to help further reduce our impact on the environment, for every Slope sold, we will plant one tree.


Dyson Lightcycle Morph

Engineered for versatility, the Dyson Lightcycle Morph transforms and adjusts to your lifestyle while intelligently tracking your local daylight, providing light throughout the room in four different formats – task, indirect, feature or ambient.

Light intelligently and gradually adjusts both its colour temperature and brightness in relation to local daylight. This provides the right light for the right time of day depending on the user’s location.

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph is engineered for all activities and lifestyles and can be used in four different formats. This includes ambient light, where the stem lights up to create a comforting, orange glow; task light for focused work, indirect and feature light.

Via the Dyson Link app, the user is able to customize to their needs. By adding their location, for exmaple, the machine will intelligently track local daylight and create the right light for the right time of day.

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph also has onboard sensors: an ambient light sensor reacts to changes in surrounding light to maintain constant brightness of your work space, while a motion sensor saves energy by switching the light off when no one’s around.


Litra Videoconferencing Lighting Bundle

Video chat is essential in any modern home office. Take your Zoom video conferencing and Facetime/Skype calls to the next level with Litra video conference solutions.

Attach the suction mount to your laptop or tablet or use the Litra’s 4-in-1 tripod and set up on your table top. There is even a Smartphone mount if you want to attach the lights to your cell phone. The LitraTorch and LitraPro lights are incredibly easy to operate.

The LitraTorch 2.0 is a one-touch operation while the LitraPro has a built-in OLED display to easily see light output and color temperature. The LitraPro is also Bluetooth compatible! All of its lights are lightweight and portable making them perfect for your at home needs and moving them around the house.

Litra lights are small but they are mighty! Between the LitraTorch 2.0 and LitraPro you have more than 2000 combined lumens of output. And they’re small enough to fit right in your pocket. Need we say more? Litra lights are built to last and can weather just about any element thrown at it.

Keep it inside or take it outside, options are endless. Built with aluminum housing these lights are tough. No need to worry about dropping the lights or getting them wet!

The LitraTorch 2.0 and LitraPro are above 92 CRI which means your skin tones look correct and you look awake and healthy under our professional lighting solutions. Litra lets you look professional while working from home. Batteries are built-in for all Litra lights and can be used with no cords attached or with a power source attached to allow limitless lighting for as long as you need.


AUKEY DRS2 Detachable Dual Dash Cam

With 1080p full HD video recording, the AUKEY DRS2 Detachable Dual Dash Cam gives you a crystal clear view of all important events around your car. It comes with its own display and control interface, which allows you to easily control options such as video recording and sound recording right from the device.

Since the dash cam is made for dual usage, the provided camera can be utilized as a front cam or a rear cam. When installed at the front, it also comes with a swivel mechanism that lets you select whether you want to record your in-car footage or your view of the road.

The AUKEY DRS2 Detachable Dual Dash Cam installs seamlessly behind your rearview mirror with the use of sticker mounts and USB cables. If you are using the front camera, you can use the 12ft cable that comes with the package. If you want to use the rear camera, you can utilize the 21ft cable that is also included in package contents.

Due to its IR sensors, the camera is able to capture clear video even in low-light situations. Whereas, its 170-degree front and 152-degree rear field of view ensure that you don’t miss out on important visuals.

The camera is also easy to install and painless to operate. You need to buy an SD card to constantly record and remove footage, but those storage options are easily available for a few bucks. Overall, the AUKEY DRS2 Detachable Dual Dash Cam shines through as one of the star products by the brand.



In an era where wired headphones are becoming a thing of the past but wireless alternatives cost a fortune, the AUKEY TWS Earbuds come through as with the ideal answer to this problem.

With a budget-friendly price tag and uncompromised quality, these truly wireless Bluetooth 5 earbuds can meet all your expectations. With advanced active noise cancellation and 4 built-in mics, this pair delivers crystal clear sound throughout your media and calls.

Available in a classic black color, the AUKEY TWS Earbuds come with their own charging case. Through USB-C quick charge, the case helps you deliver up to 35-hour of playback.

IPX5 water resistance ensures that these earbuds become the ideal companion on your gym sessions. Whereas, their modern design ensures that they can remain fitted on your ears even during fast running routines.

The earbuds are comfortable to wear, and come with an ear-tip design for maximum comfort. The ear-tips also come in three different sizes to help you find the perfect fit. This ensures that you can wear these earbuds for longer periods throughout your regular day.

With their sleek design, incredible sound, and long-lasting materials, each pair of the AUKEY TWS Earbuds ensure that you can get the most out of the latest technology without paying an arm and a leg for it. If you are looking for earbuds that don’t burn a hole in your pocket, the AUKEY TWS Earbuds are the way to go



The SXFI Air is the perfect work-from-home headset featuring a NanoBoom microphone that allows you to take calls on your phone or online. The headset offers both Bluetooth and USB connectivity, but most uniquely, the SXFI Air features Creative’s Super X-Fi technology, which uses computational audio to recreate the listening experience of a high-end multi-speaker system in a professional studio, and delivers the same experience in headphones. Super X-Fi works by capturing the listening experience of a high-end multi-speaker system in a professional studio, and recreating the same expansive experience in your headphones using computational audio intensive techniques to custom fit audio, for every individual, through a sophisticated Head and Ear-Mapping process.


Oakywood Headphone Stand

Oakywood is an unusual woodworking company located in the mountainous terrain of Podhale, Poland, where a genuine passion for contemporary design and technology meets an authentic understanding of traditional craftsmanship. From humble beginnings to international brand recognition, Oakywood is honestly devoted to providing the technology enthusiasts with functional, yet aesthetically pleasing natural wooden accessories.

Walnut headphones stand is a perfect example of the commitment to the original crafting traditions. Made of excellent solid wood, black painted steel, and hand-polished to emphasize a natural wood shine, it evokes comfort and warmth associated with the use of natural materials. Thanks to the modern geometric design and detailed hand finish, Oakywood stand is an extraordinary gadget, which beautifully displays your headphones. The biggest charm of the headphones stands lies in its uniqueness. Wood is a natural material, so each stand may slightly vary in color – but without any doubts will look delightfully organic and genuine.

The most significant contribution that Oakywood wants to make to the world is to show how a true, unselfish and responsible relationship with nature should be based on deeply rooted respect for the material that surrounds us everywhere. Wood allows people to grow, evolve, and to constantly experience new forms of beauty. To maintain ecological balance and give the environment back what we regularly receive, the company participates in the One Tree Planted program. Oakywood allocates part of their income to plant 1 tree for every sold product, to reforest the planet and raise awareness about the importance of trees.




Pocketalk is a multi-sensory, two-way translation device designed for full conversations, even in noisy environments, including working from home with others in the background. With a sleek design encompassing a large touchscreen, two high-quality speakers, noise-cancelling microphones and a text-to-translate camera, Pocketalk is able to create connections across 74 different languages in more than 130 countries and regions. By utilizing the best translation engines from around the world, Pocketalk provides a consistently accurate experience by picking up localized dialects and slang.

The leading translation device is a quintessential work-from-home tool to help you get back to business with international and domestic U.S. partners who do not speak english as a first language. Not only does Pocketalk have the capability to translate conversations during video and phone conference calls quickly and accurately, but you can also use the device to convert prices with the currency conversion function. In addition, the text-to-translate camera transcribes documents into your primary language and operates using either your at-home wifi or a complimentary two-year cellular data plan that provides reliable coverage.


Logitech Pebble


Make any space minimalist, modern, and silent with Logitech Pebble – the portable mouse that fits your curated lifestyle and goes wherever life takes you. The smooth organic shape fits in your pocket, bag, and feels great in your hand. With silent clicking and scrolling, you can get in the flow without disturbing anyone around you.

The Logitech Pebble M350 modern design fits your curated lifestyle, accents your desk setup, and is slim enough to toss in your bag and bring to the coffee shop.

Work in a cafe, library, or even a crowded train without disturbing anyone around you. You’ll get the same click feel you love, but make about 90% less noise.1 Even the wide rubber scroll wheel glides in silence.

Connect simply with Bluetooth or the tiny 2.4 GHz USB receiver -stored in the magnetic cover of the mouse- and never worry about annoying drop-offs or lag up to a 10m range.



Creative Sound Blaster AE-9

The Creative Sound Blaster AE-9 is quite simply the best PCI-e sound card Creative’s ever made. The Sound Blaster AE-9 features CleanLine Technology, which was designed to eliminate voltage rail issues and isolate noise along the mic path for crystal-clear voice communication – something of critical importance in a work-from-home environment. The Sound Blaster AE-9 is built with the absolute best components to deliver pristine, detailed audio that’s sure to satisfy even the most demanding audiophile.

My Passport™ SSD

For consumers who need to accelerate their productivity and protect their valuable content without compromising style, Western Digital is introducing the new WD® brand My Passport™ SSD in capacities up to 2TB. With a sleek, compact metal design and blazing fast speeds powered by NVMe technology, the new palm-sized drive allows home and business users to save, access, and protect the content that matters.

The new My Passport SSD offers the technical features users need and want, including:

  • Blazing fast NVMe technology with read speeds of up to 1050MB/s and write speeds of up to 1000MB/s.
  • Password enabled 256-bit AES hardware encryption to help protect valuable content simply.
  • Featuring shock and vibration resistance and drop resistant up to 6.5 feet (1.98m).
  • Included software to make it easy to back up large files to your drive or a cloud service account.
  • USB 3.2 Gen-2 technology with a USB-C™ cable and a USB-A adaptor.
  • Ready to use out of the box and compatible with Mac® and PC.

CHOETECH Dual Wireless Charger


Breaking through the technical difficulties of the industry, CHOETECH is offering to let you take the lead in upgrading to five coils for wireless charging, which provide a wider charging area to boost charging efficiency. Just place your phone on the non-slip charging surface with a free position and enjoy fast wireless charging.

You can charge two devices at once with dual pads charging surfaces, and the product supports fast charging speed for both Phones and AirPods. Advanced Qi wireless charging technology enables you to charge your device without plugging in a cable. 

The charger is also designed with an anti-slip PU leather surface and anti-slip pads on the bottom. This helps keep your pad in place, with heat dissipation holes at the bottom to keep your phone cool while charging. An integrated smart chip inside, meanwhile, provides better temperature control, surge protection, short-circuit prevention, overheating, overvoltage prevention and more.


Oakywood Walnut Wireless Charger

The fundamental assumption of Oakywood wireless charger designers was to combine their unique, traditional approach to wood craftsmanship with a contemporary view on technology devices.

The unprecedented commitment to the original crafting techniques, and deep respect for every piece of high quality walnut wood, resulted in a bestselling QI gadget. Handcrafted from solid wood and stainless steel, hand-polished to expose a natural, delightful wood shine, the wireless charger stands out with an original, geometric design – inspired by modernity. Made with the latest technology, 10W Oakywood wireless charger is fast, compatible with all QI-enabled devices, and works with the majority of phone-cases (up to 4mm thickness). Each set includes a premium nylon braided cord.

Oakywood is an original woodworking company located in Poland – in a majestic, mountainous terrain of Podhale. From its humble beginnings, the company is dedicated to providing every tech fan with practical, beautiful, and organic wooden accessories. Every item produced in a family-owned workshop is fully unique and made of premium quality, natural materials, that slightly vary in its raw color and texture.

The most important message that Oakywood wants to spread is the urgent need of restoring human bond with nature. The story of our civilization is the story of wood. Wood allows people to grow, evolve, and create. To maintain ecological balance and to contribute to the good of nature, the company regularly donates part of their income to the One Tree Planted program. For every product sold, Oakywood plants one tree in the endangered area of the world, helping to reforest the planet and raising awareness about the importance of trees.



Rocket XTRM-Q 2TB USB 3.2 / Thunderbolt 3 External SSD


The Sabrent Rocket XTRM-Q 2TB is the ultimate combination of speed, performance, and versatility.

Supporting both Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.2 Modes via a Type-C connection, this drive offers the perfect solution for all your data transfer and storage needs. The built-in Thunderbolt 3 technology enables amazing speeds of up to 2700 MB/s. The built-in USB 3.2 Technology enables speeds of up to 900 MB/s. Plug and play, no external power supply required. This drive is backward compatible with earlier USB formats.

USB Type-C is the emerging standard for transferring data, and the Thunderbolt 3 enhances the performance of the Thunderbolt standard. The company’s Rocket XTRM-Q automatically detects USB or Thunderbolt connections for efficiency on all your devices.  Solid Aluminum construction for durability and maximum heat dissipation, meanwhile, allows for the ultimate combination of performance, reliability, and longer lifetime accommodating large files with spacious capacity and extreme speed performance.



Kensington SD5300T and SD5350T Thunderbolt 3 40Gbps Dual 4K Dock – SD Card Reader


This is Thunderbolt 3 technology, unleashed. A 2.3 foot (0.7M) Thunderbolt 3 cable (included) delivers the power to transfer data at speeds up to 40Gbps, download a 4K movie in 30 seconds, and back up a year’s worth of continuous MP3s in five minutes.

There are ports galore: You get video (Single 5K @ 60Hz or Dual 4K @ 60Hz), 5 USB-A 3.1 Gen 1 ports @ 5Gbps (one for 2.1A charging), 1 Thunderbolt 3 port, 1 Ethernet port @ 1Gbps, 1 SD 3.0 card reader, a combo audio jack, VESA mounting holes, and Kensington T-bar Slot and Nano Slot security.

Connect monitors, hard drives, a mouse and keyboard, and more.

Get 60 watts of power delivery for charging your Thunderbolt 3 laptop*, and 2.1A of USB power for fast charging of your mobile device. We’ve found that 60 watts of charging power supports most Thunderbolt 3 laptops, but recommend checking your laptop’s charging requirements.

See true-to-life images that are more than two times higher resolution than Full HD. The SD Card Reader, meanwhile, makes transferring photos fast, easy, and convenient, and adds flexibility to your file transfer needs.



2TB Rocket Nvme PCIe 4.0 M.2 2280 Internal SSD Solid State Drive With Heatsink

The Sabrent 2TB Rocket Nvme PCIe 4.0 M.2 2280 Internal SSD Maximum Performance Solid State Drive With Heatsink (SB-ROCKET-NVMe4-HTSK-2TB) delivers all the advantages of flash disk technology with PCIe Gen4.0 x4 interface.

Based on Toshiba’s BiCS4 96L TLC NAND Flash memory, its performance speeds can reach up to 5000 MB/s (read) and 4400 MB/s (write) when using a PCIe Gen4 motherboard. Using a PCIe Gen3 Motherboard Speeds will reach up to 3500 MB/s (read) and 3400 MB/s (write). Power consumption is much lower than traditional hard drives, making it the best embedded solution for new systems.

The Sabrent 2TB Rocket Nvme PCIe 4.0 M.2 2280 Internal SSD was designed using PCIe 4.0, which allows for speeds of up to 5000 MB/s (read) and 4400 MB/s (write), significantly faster than PCIe 3.0.

The Sabrent 2TB Rocket Nvme PCIe 4.0 M.2 2280 Internal SSD is backward compatible with PCIe 3.0. Using a Gen 3 PCIe motherboard will enable the user to reach speeds of up to 3500 MB/s (read) and 3400 MB/s (write).



Wacaco Pipamoka

Having sold over one million portable espresso machines worldwide, Wacaco is boldly entering the portable filter coffee maker marketplace with the new Pipamoka, its first nonespresso coffee maker designed for travel. The Pipamoka brewing process is unique. Users insert their ground coffee into a dedicated filter basket, add hot water to the Pipamoka, and drop the filter basket to the bottom of the Pipamoka. Using the innovative twisting mechanism, vacuum pressure is created inside the travel mug. This negative pressure generates a suction force that draws hot water downwards through the coffee grounds. The coffee is then brewed directly into the insulated thermal cup where it will stay hot for hours.

The pressurized environment quickens extraction, taking only two minutes to brew a well balanced cup of coffee. The innovative design cleverly packs all the brewing gear inside the isothermal stainless-steel cup, helping travelers save space and pack minimally. The Pipamoka offers coffee makers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional methods, as it does not use one-time paper filters, and everything is re-useable and long lasting. The entire machine is made from parts that can be easily recycled.



Fluidstance Fillup


Fillup is your very own water tower, keeping a personal supply of water right at your fingertips.

Its 70-oz. size holds a full day’s supply, and Fillup’s double-walled tank keeps water cold for 24 hours. Fillup can be used anywhere: on your desk—whether at home or in the office, on your bedside table, in your kitchen, on your back patio, and more.

Like all of the FluidStance products, Fillup’s minimalist design and premium construction uses BPA-free, eco-friendly materials. Plus, did you know that by using Fillup, you can save 4 plastic water bottles per day?

Cup included.


LARQ Bottle Benefit Edition

The LARQ Bottle Benefit Edition features innovative technology combined with inspired design to give people around the world access to pristine drinking water, easily and sustainably.

The special limited edition colorway is a partnership with Well Aware, an organization that provides sustainable and innovative solutions to water scarcity and contamination. Leveraging the most advanced technology in the world, the LARQ Bottle uses proprietary and patented UV-C LED technology to purify water and inner surfaces of the water bottle by eliminating harmful sources through a photochemical reaction.

At the touch of a button, the LARQ Bottle eradicates up to 99.9999% of harmful and odor causing bacteria and viruses. The technology intelligently activates every two hours in a Self-Cleaning mode, basking the water and the inner surface in purifying UV light to keep your water and bottle free of germs.

The LARQ Bottle provides access to clean water on the go, anytime, and anywhere – making it an essential for those going back to work.

Buy Now


Wynd Max

The Wynd Max uses a proprietary HEPA filter that removes particulates and gases, including allergens, mold, germs, toxic odors, air pollution, and more. In addition, the filter material is embedded with silver to kill germs. In third-party testing, the filter killed 99.97% of staphylococcus aureus (staph) and escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria that was on the material. 

The Wynd Max was specifically designed to maximize airflow. Most purifiers use one filter, but ours uses two: This doubles the air intake area, so that the purifier can output massive amounts of air. Dual filters create super-fast cleaning speeds and significantly lengthen filter life.

The purifier houses a powerful turbofan which spins at 987 RPM to clean your space quickly. At max, the Wynd Max generates 537 cubic meters of air per hour, which is enough to clean a 1,200 square foot space in under 30 minutes.

The Wynd Max doesn’t operate on full blast all day: It only turns on when needed. With smart scheduling, if you’re not home, the purifier can turn down automatically. It turns up a couple hours before you get home, so that the air’s fresh when you return—and it even lowers its volume when you’re home, so that you can enjoy a quiet atmosphere. Smart scheduling saves electricity and extends filter life.

It can also work with other IOT platforms, like Alexa and Apple HomeKit, to control its cleaning power.


We hope these modern home office ideas and essentials help you gear up and get motivated for the work ahead. You’ve got this!



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