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Groupe Casino: New Concept and Partnerships

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Groupe Casino, a French retail giant, has announced its shift away from the old concept of ‘Monop’ convenience. The change is presented as a better way to respond to the transformation of consumption patterns of urban populations. The new course is focused on more closeness, more support, and responsiveness.

Monoprix, a convenience retail chain owned by Groupe Casino, has revamped its concept in a metropolis. The new model was implemented at the outlet on 3 rue de Marseille in the 10th District of Paris. Here is what it includes.

The New Concept

The progressive store occupies 250 m². Its layout and offerings were designed to meet the new needs and expectations of local consumers which the group is now targeting. Convenience retail is at the heart of the new strategy. So, what is this innovative outlet like?

Groupe Casino is known for its focus on convenience. The brand has existed since 1898. It should not be confused with the best online slots Canada: despite the name, the group has nothing to do with gambling. The company is officially focused on “innovation at the service of customers”, and it has always been responsive to market trends.

 Visitors to the store can find 4,000 products. Some of them (300) are also available outside of regular hours, in an autonomous area that works all night. This selection includes fresh produce, pick-and-mix food, and non-food items. In addition, city dwellers have access to a range of innovative solutions and services:

  • “Monoprix du jour” 

This is a mixed selection of items. It includes local seasonal products, fresh meat, bread (baked all day), and flowers. Customers may eat the ready-cooked meals inside or choose to take them away.

  • “Je suis en vrac” 

This range offers original collaborations of Monop’ with different brands. The choice is varied: beers (Gallia), yogurts (Les 2 Vaches), sweets (Carambar & Co), detergents (Briochin), pet pellets (Petty Well), and coffee.

  • “Je m’appelle Reviens”

Here, visitors can borrow appliances or daily items. The service is designed as sustainable — it encourages more responsible consumption of natural resources. For example, they may get a printer, an electric guitar, or a raclette maker.

  • “La Station” 

The chain offers a large number of items for cyclists.

  • “La Santé au Quotidien” 

This space dedicated to everyday health is going to be deployed in a large number of stores in the coming weeks. Consumers can find beauty products, supplements, and even a CBD-based range.

  • E-commerce

The chain offers a quick delivery service — it takes less than half an hour with Monop’eat. Customers may also use Click & Collect.

According to Jean-Paul Mochet, CEO of Monoprix, the reinvented concept should allow the chain to get the best of both worlds — digital and physical. At the same time, the company’s commitment to practicality and sensoriality remain the same. The new store is a welcoming space for services and human relations: “We put together within 250 m² the best know-how and commitments of Monoprix, therefore demonstrating our capacity to reinvent all our formats and get us involved in public interest causes.”

In addition to this more supportive and responsible model, Monoprix helps the community in other ways, too. In cooperation with Ulule, the store supports local associations. It arranges collections of food and clothes with Ecotextile, Linkee, and Too Good to Go.

Recent Partnership with Deliveroo

Through the new concept, Casino hopes that its Monop’ stores will become ‘more of a player in neighborhood life’, partnering with local associations and clothing and food collection initiatives such as Ecotextile, Linkee, and Too Good to Go.

Earlier this summer, Groupe Casino announced its intention to extend the partnership with the Deliveroo service for two years. The service is being rolled out to multiple cities. The users of the platform now have access to the products sold by the supermarket giant. Delivery takes half an hour on average.

At the moment, the service works in 500 stores owned by the group. The goal is to triple this figure, engaging 1,500 stores in the system. This will involve different chains:

  • Franprix, 
  • Monop’, 
  • Monoprix, 
  • La Nouvelle Cave, 
  • Vival, 
  • Spar, 
  • Géant Casino, 
  • Casino Supermarchés, 
  • Le Petit Casino, 
  • Petit Casino and 
  • Casino Shop banners.

Geographically, the service will be extended to more cities. The new locations include Nancy, Lille, Perpignan, Angers, Mulhouse, Bayonne, Le Mans, Brest, Blois, Compiègne and Arras.

Wider Range of Products

The group is planning to enlarge its offerings in two chains — Franprix and Monop’ — to 1,100 and 900 units, respectively. The novelties will include fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) and food products. Consumers will also be able to buy some over-the-counter medicines and hygiene products.

According to the group’s official statement, the partnership is viewed as a way to localize its services. Urban, premium, and convenient formats are emphasized. The move will complement the brand’s e-commerce strategy in the food segment.

Cooperation with Amazon

The new Click and Collect service will allow Amazon Prime subscribers to order food from the group’s supermarkets. The range includes both local and international brands. Customers will be able to pick up their orders from Géant Casino and Casino outlets across France. This service will be launched in summer — first in Annecy and Clermont-Ferrand, then in a dozen Casino outlets.

The goal is to bring the number of collection points to 180, which is expected by the middle of 2022. Delivery is free for orders of at least €60. Over 9,000 items are already available, which reflects the group’s strategic vision. According to Jean-Charles Naouri, chairman and CEO of Groupe Casino, “This new phase is fully in line with the group’s development strategy, which aims to deliver the widest possible range of local services in the food e-commerce segment.”

A Multifaceted Approach

The new changes reflect the advancement of the group’s omnichannel strategy. The new partnerships and conceptual changes will allow it to meet the expectations of consumers. Today, shoppers are increasingly prone to buy everything they need online. Clearly, Groupe Casino could not afford to ignore the changes in consumer behavior that were solidified by the pandemic.


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