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How to Become a Successful Blogger (Man) and Develop a YouTube Channel: Tips and Trends

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Blogging today is a versatile career that is open to all genders and identities. However, men often struggle with superstitious and prejudicial statements that a blogger is a better option for a woman, while a man is supposed to find something more serious and profitable. Well, on YouTube there is clear equality in this question, as both men and women find there a place to develop and attract the audience in various industries.

This platform has enough examples of successful bloggers of all genders, thus the strategy for growth has practically no limits in choice. In this article, you will find tips on becoming a known blogger whose blog can become an inspiration for others on YouTube.

Paid Promotion – Worth Investing?

Of course, the question of blog development on YouTube cannot miss the topic of stats boosters. Due to the high competition rate in practically all available industries, such boosts can help to climb up in the ratings and meet the real audience. But if you are looking for affordable options for YT, you have to look only at a price that promises you to buy YouTube views and become popular for 1 dollar. To make paid stats work, you still have to create a good strategy and think through all your steps on the platform, and then decide how exactly you can implement boosts. Buying YouTube stats can be a good investment, but it requires much research and thorough planning, as well as organic growth. 

Form A Budget

Even if being a full-time blogger is your dream, you must think about how you will live all the time as your channel is only spinning out. It will be better to have safety funding so you can secure your wellness in all aspects. If you have a job or run a business, don’t rush to leave all that behind, but instead try to make YouTube an essential part of your life. As time goes by, you will either increase your YouTube income or collect a backup sum that would allow you to quit or delegate your position safely. Also, with a stable income, you can afford to start your blog with better quality, which is also great in order to beat the competition. You can buy a fancier camera and sound system, so you can add visual value and creativity to your videos. All bloggers travel sometimes and that is another point that needs much investment.

Invest In Your Development

There are many types of YouTube channels and authors, but the one that gets the most attention and appreciation from users is the most professional and smooth. So, if you actually decided to become a full-time blogger, there’s some training to be done before. Good options that could help you to create and promote your videos are blogging schools, acting and declamation classes, cinematography and mobile shooting workshops, etc.

Don’t get too carried away with your education though, because authenticity cannot be found in class. You need to use the experience and knowledge that you may get from your education in an original way, developing a unique manner and strategy.

Make It Personal

Being an influencer means that you expose your personality for it to become an attention trigger and motivation for others. People often look for role models on social media, and being yourself is more than enough. There are cases in social media history that revealed that bloggers lie about their personalities and lifestyles, so to get more attention. Nowadays the audience is not naive, and such kinds of lies can be discovered easily.

People look out for other people and they want to find someone to who they can relate, and if you are being honest with your viewers, they will be much more active on your profile, because they will form a bond with you.

Monetize Your Blog

Many people believe that being a blogger is not a career that can give you a stable and big income. And yes, not everybody is destined to become a new Kardashian, but it is completely possible to have a decent profit from this activity. YouTube has many options that can help you to monetize your blog. But you must understand those common methods like AdSense aren’t suitable for everyone. Monetization on YouTube is quite individual, and it depends a lot on the niche that you select and your way of creating content. For example, some bloggers begin to produce merchandise and earn money from sales, but to do that you have to establish a big audience and develop significant details that can serve as trademarks. 

Another interesting method is crowdfunding. Explain to your followers that your blog exists thanks to donations, and provide exclusive materials for your users who donated, as well as really improve your performance so users can see your growth.

Mostly, bloggers combine different monetization methods depending on their current ratings and amount of followers. 

Planning And More Planning

To develop your YouTube channel you have to plan like a professional. Time management is important for your productivity, so never neglect it. Remember that although it seems easy-breezy, blogging can be exhausting since you have to cover most processes by yourself. Some things can be delegated, but the hardest work – content creation, is on you because that’s why people will follow you on YouTube. Set up a time limit for your work and add enough activity beyond, so your life resource is mostly full. It’s easy to burn out if you try too hard, so make sure that blogging is not an obsession that takes away the quality and time of your life. Begin with one video per week, and methodically work to increase that number, up to 3 videos per week tops. Remember that besides actually filming, you will need much time for post-production. 

Don’t Expect Quick Results

That is another reason why you shouldn’t rush to quit your job. To make your channel thrive you will need time. The process of gaining the audience and learning to retain them is hard and continuous, it cannot happen in a moment. Before you can actually call yourself a successful full-time blogger you will meet hard times and lack of motivation as well. Set the right goals and be wise with experimenting. Analyze and do lots of research that will help you to avoid mistakes and get to your dream career.

YouTube channels can grow rapidly or slowly, but the main result that you should expect is that more and more people choose to remain as your subscribers, who not only watch your videos but communicate and support you.


It’s impossible to collect all the tips for making a YouTube career. And in fact, gender matters less – it may only be a particle that helps to define your target audience at some point. Your main focus is on creating valuable and entertaining content that provokes activity and interest in your channel. Find what your heart tells is right – and you will become a successful blogger, whether it’s a full-time career or not. Be wise and preserve your productivity to thrive on YouTube. 


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