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Stainless Steel Restaurant Equipment

Sailun Tires

For the successful operation of catering enterprises: cafes, restaurants, canteens must comply with sanitary standards and serve for a long time.

The most demanded equipment in a professional kitchen is stainless steel restaurant equipment. Stainless steel furniture for cafes and restaurants is not only production tables and industrial sinks. The neutral equipment also includes all kinds of shelves, racks and cabinets for storing dishes, dry food and kitchen utensils.

In order for the working area of ​​the kitchen to be filled with furniture and equipment, taking into account the sequence of technological processes performed in this room, as well as safety requirements, it is necessary to take care in advance of purchasing equipment of a certain size. When creating stainless steel kitchen equipment, the latest technologies in assembly and welding are used, which ensures their strength and tightness.

What you need to remember when buying restaurant equipment?

In restaurants, it is especially important to keep the kitchen clean. These are specialized work surfaces, cutting tables, shelves, cabinets, sinks, hoods, good table products, recycling bins, and more. To buy stainless steel equipment for restaurants means not only to ensure the cleanliness of the room but also to optimize the use of the workspace. Manufactured according to standards, such stainless steel kitchen equipment are well combined with each other, they are installed compactly and as conveniently as possible.

Stainless steel restaurant equipment is in high demand due to its advantages, such as:

  • frame interior items are lightweight, so it is convenient to move them when cleaning, rearranging, etc.;
  • rather low cost and ease of manufacture makes them available to all customers, regardless of social status; 
  • chairs, tables and other stainless steel items will perfectly fit into any interior of the establishment; 
  • they are not subject to corrosion and mechanical stress, which makes them durable.

Restaurants make extensive use of stainless steel restaurant equipment because, among other benefits, it does not absorb odors. Stainless furniture is successfully installed wherever reliability and hygiene are needed.

To navigate the cost of products, you need to know:

  • How complex and functional a table, line or any other set should be.
  • What size should the neutral kitchen equipment be?
  • A ready-made solution is suitable for your business or you need to place an individual order.

Therefore, the price for all presented products or work on an individual basis will be beneficial to your budget.

Measurement of space and manufacture of neutral equipment must be entrusted to a professional who:

  • take into account whether it is possible to carry stainless steel tables, racks and sinks to the object everywhere,
  • check if there will be any problems with the installation due to batteries, heights of ceilings and windows, size of skirting boards,
  • will view the distance from the sewer risers and the water supply to the sinks.

It is better to order this type of equipment for restaurant supply from a trusted company since there are many hackers involved in the production of neutral equipment of unacceptable quality.


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