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Erica Barry’s Roadmap to Success in Today’s Digital Revolution

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Though newly released, “Don’t Wait, Create: How to Be a Content Creator in the New Digital Revolution!” from content creation veteran Erica Barry has already caught the attention of major players across the entertainment and media industries.

Jacob Pace, CEO of Flighthouse, describes it as “a crash course in the complex world of content creation.” Adding, “Erica Barry expertly explains the rapid changes that have occurred in the industry in a way that is easy to understand.”

“We live in an era where a single person can build a larger platform than some of the world’s biggest companies.” says Max Levine, Founder of Amp Studies and Forbes 30 under 30, “Don’t Wait, Create sheds light on how the world is changing around us.”

Alongside these rave reviews, “Don’t Wait, Create: How to Be a Content Creator in the New Digital Revolution!” is already the number one Amazon New Release in Entertainment and Sports and the number one Amazon New Release in Social Media. Not many authors can boast topping two charts within two months of their first publication!

Barry’s knack for creating impactful written content began when she was a freshman in high school, with her first blog, ‘Cannella Vita.’ Her first leap into the world of blogging was born from a desire to share her obsession with the world and spread what she would soon find out was a contagious excitement.

“For fun, I would spend hours after school perfecting recipes for complex desserts like french macarons and butter croissants.” Barry reminisces, “There is no better feeling than a batch of macarons finally turning out perfectly after having to throw out the last four batches.”

Not many can claim they began their career as pre-teens, especially authors. However, in speaking with Barry, it is easy to understand how her optimism and persistence fueled her successful journey.

“I was only 14, and I didn’t have a television show, a videographer, or a studio kitchen set, but after I started photographing and blogging about my recipes on BlogSpot as a way to keep track of them, one thing led to another.” Barry detailed in a recent interview. While her tone is as lighthearted and friendly as her book, her accomplishments are jaw-dropping.

Since her initial leap into the digital world of content creation, Barry has become one of the most well-rounded and well-versed content creators out there. With her niche in the writing and publishing sphere, it only made sense for Barry to branch out, pushing herself to write and publish her first book, “Don’t Wait, Create: How to Be a Content Creator in the New Digital Revolution!”

Inspired by content creators who had made their mark on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, Barry quickly found that no comprehensive guide existed for the various approaches to create content or curate a digital presence.

Taking her frustration by this lack of readily available information, Barry began writing her how-to guide for navigating the digital landscape as a content creator. Add to that her fascination with the impact the digital revolution has on creativity, representation, and entrepreneurship; Barry realized she had all the tools and insight needed to create a meaningful roadmap to, in her own words, “digital content creation and finding one’s creative voice.”

Barry describes the book as a ‘roadmap’ that highlights the journeys of other creators who have found their success in the digital world. She cites Bo Burnham, Chloe Fineman, Jimmy Tatro, and many others in her guidebook.

Fast forward through many sleepless nights and long days of research, and Barry’s first book is out on all major platforms. “Don’t Wait, Create: How to Be a Content Creator in the New Digital Revolution!” is truly a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to create a meaningful and authentic presence on any content-based platform.

“Authenticity is paramount for me as a writer and creator,” Barry explains. “Some of the best advice I have received is: ‘create content as if you are speaking to your best friend.’ Thus, I try to keep that tone in all of my projects.”

Staying true to her value of authenticity, Barry’s book maintains a lighthearted tone without diminishing the intricacies of digital content creation. Barry’s guidebook covers everything one needs to know to become a successful content creator, from finding your voice to creating revenue streams.

Ready to dive into the digital world of content creation? All you need is “Don’t Wait, Create: How to Be a Content Creator in the New Digital Revolution!” There has never been a resource as comprehensive or as necessary as Barry’s manual on becoming a thriving content creator.


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