A winner’s guide to casino bonuses

No longer do we need to step out and find a casino in order to play the stakes and get our thrills. There are now more of us than ever before enjoying the delights of online casinos thanks to being able to play from the comfort of your own home. With a multitude of options being just a touch of a button away, it’s clear to see the rise in popularity. The world of online casinos is a constantly evolving digital landscape that can make your head feel jumbled like a slot machine at times. There are endless ways to play and win big, but one of the best options available to players is to take advantage of the lucrative casino bonuses.
Bonuses are used to attract new players into choosing a particular online casino over all the others, which means that the choice of bonuses vary considerably. They’re also used as a way of encouraging existing players to keep on playing with that casino, rather than trying out other available options. For example, at this NJ online casino you can 100% match your first deposit, up to $250. But to make the most of them it’s essential to know a little bit more about how they work.
As great as bonuses are, they do come with certain terms and conditions that the player needs to be aware of. One condition that many online casinos use is that once a bonus is played and money won, the player will then be required to spend a certain amount in the casino before being allowed to withdraw their winnings. This is known as a ‘wagering requirement’ and is a tactic used to ensure you’re committed to the casino, which is why you must make sure a bonus is known to be fair.
However, casinos may only allow you to play your bonus on certain games so check that you’re able to play it on the ones you want beforehand. It’s also worth checking if your bonus will be the same amount if playing in a different currency, as this can vary. Due to this, you may not be able to play certain bonuses if residing in a different country. The good news is that a player is allowed to opt out at any point, so you won’t technically lose any money should you decide against going further.Now let’s take a look at the most common bonuses –
No Deposit Bonus
Also known as a ‘welcome bonus’ due to online casinos offering it to new players as a gesture of gratitude when they register to play. No deposit bonuses are a great way to ‘try before you buy’ without committing any of your hard-earned dollar. They’re most commonly offered as free spins which is why they’re sometimes referred to as ‘free bonuses’ but remember that wagering requirements are still in place with this type of bonus so it’s important you check the details before you get started. However, this does allow the player to try out other games from the winnings gained whilst playing their bonus. Meaning you can experience more of the casino without committing any of your actual cash.
Deposit Bonus
This is the type of bonus a player will most commonly come across in an online casino. It’s essentially a ‘match bonus’ in that the casino will match the players deposit by a certain percentage and up to a set amount. For example, you could be offered a 100% match of the deposit up to $100, but the casino may stipulate that a player is unable to deposit anything lower than $20. To be able to withdraw this money, a player will be required to wager a certain amount of the bonus value, such as 20 times more than what they originally deposited. Therefore, there is an element of risk when playing these bonuses, but the rewards can be high.
Loyalty Bonus
These are used by online casinos as a way of rewarding their regular players and are offered in a variety of ways. Most often these are operated on a points system that will award a set amount of points for each game played. The more they play, the more they receive. Eventually these points are translated into prizes or cash bonuses. Alternatively, players can be given VIP status in their chosen casino if they play there for a set amount of time. Receiving this status will unlock special codes and exciting prizes.
Online casinos are always inventing new and exciting ways to entice players to choose their site over thousands of others, which is why it’s wise to shop around. By using this handy guide, and ensuring you always read the terms and conditions, you’ll be putting yourself in a winning position to ensure you’re getting the most out of casino bonuses. 


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