Are high roller casinos safe to use?

Although the history of gambling is thought to date back to as far back as ancient times, the world isn’t thought to have seen its first casino until 1638. The Casino di Venezia, in Venice, Italy, is still open today and endearing itself to its customers with table games and up to as many as 600 slots.

Casinos have come a long, long way since then and, of course, are looking to attract customers who have lots of money to spend. Some place no limits on what you can gamble at them. You can go big or go home.

Casinos love these high rollers, or “whales” as they also call them, who place larger bets than average. The casinos that cater especially to these people are called “high roller” casinos. If you have lots of money to wager and are looking for somewhere to wager, quick search online will bring some of the best high roller sites over

The safety of high roller sites

Naturally, if you’re going to gamble online, you want to do it in a safe environment. There are two key factors that act as reassurance to any high roller looking to splash some cash on a casino site.

Licensing and regulation

The first thing you’ve got to look for is whether the site has a license. A respectable site will have a license and will state who the regulator is.  This might be a major industry regulator such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority

If you have any problems at all with the site and aren’t happy with the way the operator resolves the issue, you can take the matter to the regulator.


The second thing you should look for is signs of auditing, such as a seal of approval or certification for a recognized auditor.

One of the most common audits is that of testing whether the games are truly random. The auditor will check that the casino operator isn’t deliberately fixing the outcomes of the games to the operator’s own advantage.

Even though there is such a thing as the “house edge”, the player must have a fair chance of winning. No matter how high the stakes are, a good casino site will never fix the games.

Another audit casino sites undergo is a security audit. The auditor will check for any flaws that expose customers to potential theft or abuse of data. In particular, the auditors will test the encryption methods casino sites use to protect their customers’ data and financial information.

A third check casino sites will undergo is of payment processes and money storage. The auditors will investigate the site and the owners. They’ll dig deep for any issues, big or small, that could affect players.

Evidence of all these things on a site is a guarantee you’re dealing with a reputable site and it’s safe to go ahead and spend your money.

Safety and security in the online casino world

The Internet is seeing so many different trends in cybercrime, such as phishing and attacks on the cloud. A business that deals with so much money and which has access to the data of so many people must be especially vigilant and take care of its customers, which is why online casinos implement such tight security measures. 

The casino will also operate in a responsible manner, providing reassurance through the way it operates.


Good casinos will let you check their financial history and gaming history. This is to ensure transparency and that no player ever gets cheated. They’ll also take measures to make sure that players gamble responsibly, even if they’re high rollers and can afford to lose money and will turn away anyone who is underage.

Payment speed

Casinos can take slightly longer to pay out if the player wins big, but they’ll still pay out in a reasonable time. In the case of larger wins, it’s normal for a casino to spread the payment across a few months, depending on the size of the winnings.

A safe site will pay out quickly. If you’re not sure of a site, gamble just a small amount and see how fast the operator pays your winnings. If they take forever to pay out even the smallest amount, steer clear of them.

Don’t forget, too, to read the operator’s policy on deposits and withdrawals. If anything in the policy gives you a bad vibe or you just don’t like the policies full stop, don’t play. In the interests of transparency, an operator will state their policy. If they don’t, this is a screaming red flag.

Online casino operators understand their responsibility to protect the players who pass through their digital doors. They may even have special reward schemes for high roller players, but even if you’re not one of the wealthier players, they’ll still take extra special care of you.

An online casino can live or die by its reputation and how well it protects its customers, and there will always be another casino out there to welcome any customers it fails to protect adequately.


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