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Casinos in the Metaverse: Are We Ever Going to See Them?

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Metaverse or a completely different world where users can interact with other users and perform every sort of work that can happen in the real world. With the increased use of virtual reality technologies like VR headsets, some companies are trying to build a world where gamblers can wander around casino districts, purchase real estate, and play every casino game. 

Keep reading to find the casinos in the Metaverse. Also, you will get to learn if the Metaverse is ever going to be released or not. Meanwhile, you can even check out to find some best online casinos in Australia. 

Casinos in the Metaverse

First, you should know that some of the Metaverse projects have already been released in the market. Some released Metaverses are the Horizon World, Decentraland, and Axie Infinity. Also, Meta’s open-world sandbox is released, where players can customize and build their 3-D virtual reality.

There are few casinos in the released Metaverse worlds. Some casinos are in Decentraland (one of the released Metaverse) – with different themes and a wide range of casino games to choose from, like the ones below.

  • Tominoya Casino: This themed virtual casino was opened in May 2021 and shocked every player of Metaverse with its Japanese theme. Tominoya Casino features Torri gates with a cherry blossom tree. Unfortunately, this casino has few gambling options, but it is worth visiting.

  • Serenity Island: Some Metaverse players might think this place is a beach house, not a casino. The area is quiet for a virtual casino, but you can experience casino games like roulette, blackjack, and other table games. On winning, you can bring some of the crypto tokens with you.

Which Casino Games are Available in the Metaverse?

In Metaverse, it is expected that gamblers can explore the casino districts, go to nightclubs, meet new people inside the VR, and play all kinds of casino games that are available in the real world.

Surely, this will help people from the burden of visiting a land-based casino, but the gambling Metaverse has to be very simple and compatible for better experiences. You can play casino games like blackjack, roulette, poker, slot games, dice games, craps, and other table and machine games.

Can you Use Crypto Coins and Gems in Metaverse Casinos?

As mentioned earlier, you can do every possible thing that is done in the real world, from buying real estate to buying cryptocurrencies; you can use different crypto-gems to help your cause in the Metaverse.

You can use cryptocurrencies in the casinos of Metaverse. However, the gambler has to convert their fiats to one of the accepted cryptocurrencies and deposit funds using their casino wallets. This could take a while but then, you could use pretty much any of the accepted cryptocurrencies.

Final Note

There are few virtual casinos in the Metaverse. But with the increasing demand for virtual casinos in the Metaverse, the developers will have to add more. In the next few years, we can see some famous casinos joining the Metaverse.


Charlotte Lee

After obtaining her degree in gaming and casino management, Charlotte began her career working as a writer in the same area as she studied. Eight years later and Charlotte is one of the top journalists in her field, compiling reports on the latest industry news while reviewing the best and latest casino games. She is also renowned for her poker play and has won several tournaments, either online, in the poker room or with friends. She is one of the lead writers here at Top Australian Gambling and has written over 20+ casino reviews. In her free time, she let’s her creative juices flow and spends time painting and reading.


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