10 tips for safe vaping

Using a vaporizer, specially premium ones like Suorin, is a great alternative to smoking. It significantly reduces the hazards of consuming herbs, concentrates, and e-liquids. Regardless what type of material you’re using, vaping will allow you to enjoy the benefits on inhaling vapor instead of smoke. However, with improper use and incorrect practices, vaping can pose several risks to consumers.

Ever heard of the infamous ‘vape pen shattered on that dude’s face’ story? How about the ‘vape busted inside the man’s pocket’ tale? We’re not saying that these aren’t true. By all means, these stories are true and verifiable, but the way they’re told not only gives vaping a bad rap but they may not be told accurately that people tend to shy away from vaping because of how “dangerous” vaping can be. In this article, we’ll discuss what causes vaporizers to explode and we’ll give you 10 tips on how you can stay safe while vaping.

Let’s start with tip number 1.

Buy from reputable sellers.

There’s no sure way to keep your sessions safe than by buying authentic devices like the best portable vaporizer available on the market. The vaping industry is in no shortage of cloned and illegally replicated vaporizers, especially the ones that sell. It’s no surprise that without the proper knowhow, you could easily end up with a dupe – this is true especially when you’re buying stuff online. Make sure you deal with a reputable reseller. These online businesses sometimes partner up with the manufacturers and knowing where to go could spell the difference between money well spent and money wasted.

Remember, you always get what you pay for especially with vaporizers. Check the product’s market value and if the seller’s price is simply too good to be true, there’s a fat chance it is.

Tip number 2.

Use only the manufacturer’s charger.

A lot of vaping devices receive 20% – 30% charging before it leaves the warehouse. There’s also a good chance you need to charge it before you use it. Make sure to charge only using the charger that came with the device. Not only will an aftermarket can put your vaporizer at risk. The charger that came with the vaporizer is of the same exact specification as the battery, so the charger will match the voltage level of the battery as well supply it with the right flow of electricity.

When you subject your battery to stress, it weakens its integrity and this might lead to significant decrease in battery life or worse, explosion.

Tip number 3.

Do not overcharge your batteries.

Overcharging your batteries will cause unnecessary power that consistently flows towards your vape battery, heck, even smartphones will explode if you leave them plugged in the charger overnight especially if you use a different charger that have different specifications.

Make sure to watch how long the battery is charged. Most vaporizers will have charge indicator that will tell you once your device reaches a full charge, make sure you observe our device and pull it from the charger once it’s done.

Tip number 4.

Turn your vaporizer off when not in use.

It’s important to keep your vaporizer turned off when not in use. Most accidents happen when your device is turned on. This is because the circuit on the vaporizer is left open and any actions like the accidental pressing of a button might trigger the device to cycle. So, having said, make it a practice to always keep your vaporizers powered off especially before storage. Most vaporizers will have a standard 5 click operation, make sure to check twice before stashing your vaporizer elsewhere.

Tip number 5.

Remove the batteries before storage.

Sometimes obsessive compulsion pays off. Check your batteries twice, or even thrice, just make sure they’re out of your vaporizer if you’re storing them. Keeping them inside may cause leakage which will also lead to corrosion. Avoid having batteries inside your device especially when you’re using full mechanical mods.

Tip number 6.

Be mindful of the positive and negative poles.

Most devices will have a (+) sign for positive poles and a (-) sign for negative poles. Sometimes, when you slide the batteries on your vaporizers incorrectly, this can cause a short circuit on the batteries which will evidently lead to explosion. Pay attention to the terminals and think twice before sliding your batteries in – let alone powering the vaporizer on. In most cases, incorrectly placed batteries are the common culprit found in exploding vapes.

Tip number 7.

Don’t mix and match old and new batteries.

This applies when you’re using a vaporizer with two batteries and those that have removable ones. Make sure not to mix old batteries with new ones as they will affect the performance of each other. An old battery may cause the new one to drain easily, furthermore it may cause rupture and ruptured batteries are no good. As a practice, always use batteries in pairs, buy batteries in pairs, and dispose batteries in pairs.

Tip number 8.

Be mindful of battery wraps.

Wraps are the thin sheet of plastic covering the entirety of the battery. Battery manufacturers cover the majority of the battery because the only positive part of the battery is the one on top, the rest is one sea of negative terminals. So, should the skin be peeled off and battery makes contact to anything that can conduct electricity, the battery will short circuit and wreak all kinds of havoc. This will result in battery explosion – and you don’t want that to happen anywhere near your face or inside your pants. Man, that’s elementary.

Tip number 9.

Always wipe your vaporizer clean.

It’s not about just being sanitary – well, actually yes it also is – but making it a habit to wipe the battery will clean any residue or e-liquid and prevent it from making its way to the internal circuitry (if you’re using a variable mod) and end up breaking your unit. Plus, it keeps your device clean and sanitary.

And lastly, tip number 10.

Make tips 1 – 9 a habit.

These tips are tried and tested and have a solid basis of proof behind them. Make sure to take these tips in and let them rub off on you, there’s nothing more important that building a good and healthy vaping habit. Make sure you help us spread the word and share these tips with your friends and your colleagues.



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