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How To Choose A Car Battery [A Buyer’s Guide]

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It is not enough to choose the right type of battery to enjoy the reliable operation of the car. What else to look for when looking for batteries for your car? 

The arrival of the autumn or winter season means the end of the life of many car batteries. Some drivers forget at all how old the battery is in their car (life span is 4-6 years) and they cannot start the car overnight due to total battery consumption. Apart from the possible causes of “energy consumption” lying in the vehicle itself (eg no charging or broken clamps), the situation is most often solved by buying a new battery. 

However, we should not end the verification of products for our car when choosing the right type of battery. First of all, do not buy too large batteries, because the imprecise location in the designated place exposes it to the effects of harmful vibrations. As for the basic parameters (capacity, starting current), it is worth sticking to the manufacturer’s guidelines, with the possibility of slight deviations, but not in every direction. Finally, let’s make sure that the battery clamps perfectly overlap the right poles.

Capacity Ah

Information on capacity should be included on the visible leaflet on the battery. This parameter expressed in ampere-hours indicates the amount of energy accumulated in the battery. The larger it is, the longer the starter can work. In order to avoid problems with undercharging, it is worth sticking to the car manufacturer’s recommendations or chooses a battery with a maximum capacity of up to 10% (never less).

Starting current A (EN)

The value given on the basis of various standards (EN or DIN) determines the largest possible current that the battery can release at a negative temperature during engine starting. You don’t have to worry that it will be too big – the starter will consume as much energy as it needs. High starting current values ​​reflect the battery’s modernity. Do not buy batteries with a parameterless than recommended.

Maintenance-free and hermetic 

Some batteries described as maintenance-free still have, often hidden, holes to top up the electrolyte level. Maintenance-free is manifested in the fact that the car owner does not have to check from time to time and possibly top up the distilled water level in the battery: the maintenance-free design of the battery limits the evaporation of electrolyte as much as possible. Such batteries are distinguished by the lack of visible plugs covering the cells, or they are hidden under a sticker or flap. In turn, they are characterized by airtight maintenance-free batteries, without any vent holes or allowing the addition of distilled water. These include gel and spiral batteries that can work in difficult conditions (e.g. upside down).

Battery dimensions 

One battery capacity does not necessarily mean that everyone will have identical external dimensions. If we buy a battery that is too large, or we are unable to push it into the place intended for it, or we will place it with too low precision. Batteries with smaller housings are found, for example, in cars from the Far East. Note also the shape of the foot.

Look at the construction of the battery 

In addition to the electrical parameters mentioned above, when buying a new battery, you should also pay attention to several issues that are often visible to the naked eye. Just remember the location and type of poles, and choose a battery with the same size. Thanks to this, we will avoid later problems associated with returning the missed battery.

Check on the Internet which battery you should buyIf you still have a dilemma about which battery you should decide on, it is worth using the online search engines displaying recommended batteries based on basic information about the car. One of these is e.g.


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