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Let Your Car Breath Freely: 5 Tips to choose the Right Car Air Filters

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Getting the right filter has always been a necessity to maintain the higher performance of your car. Cabin Air filters help to clean the air which comes in the interior of your car through heating as well as air conditioning.

A good air filter helps to filter out pollen, dust and airborne particles. Some of the air filters also come with the carbon activated system that helps to exhaust the gases and odours from the car. These air filters come in various shapes such as panels, cylindrical and circular. These are made of pleated material that helps to filter the air. This pleated material could be foam or synthetic paper.

According to the experts, it is always beneficial to change the air filters frequently to keep the engine performance intact. Changing your car air filters at regular intervals would help to get better performance of your car as the air that flows in the engine is clean. Good combustion also led to a decrease in fuel consumption. If you are changing the air filters regularly then you would notice less black smoke exhausting from your car.

There are many types of air filters you would come across such as paper filters, foam filters, oil bath filters and high-performance filters. You can get help from your mechanic to choose the right one for your car as each one of them has its benefits. Here is the list of things that you can check while getting the air filter for your car.

Choose the right type of filter for your vehicle

The very first step towards choosing the right filter is to identify the right type of it as per the vehicle. You would come across two types of air filters. The one which provides better filtration and lasts longer while the other one allows higher airflow and tends to produce higher horsepower as well as performance.

Choose the right brand for OEM filter replacement

Considering the brands that manufacture air filters which help to get a relatively modest performance and still manage to filter out the dirt effectively would be the best option for you. You can choose the one which is made by Volant or AFE which are comparatively better than the standard ones. These air filters help to allow better flow of air as compared to the standard OEM manufactured air filters. 

Choose the high-performance Air filter

You would need to choose the high-performance Air filter if you are looking to improve the overall performance and horsepower of your vehicle. You can consider choosing the one with a cold air intake system or the one with a short ram air intake system. If you search for high-performance air filters then you would come across many brands such as AEM, BBK and K&N. These air filters come with a short ram air system as well as a cold air intake system.

These air filters use deeper pleats in the filter ceases which allows maximum airflow to the engine of your vehicle. This higher airflow helps to create the most efficient combustion process that helps to produce higher horsepower as well as the higher performance of your engine.

Most of the manufacturers nowadays offer air filters which help to reduce the engine noise in case of new vehicles. It is due to the function of air filters since it allows sufficient airflow to the engine while creating a modest amount of horsepower output from the engine. Hence if you are looking to buy an air filter to improve the overall performance of your engine then make sure you avoid these types of air filters. These air filters do help to provide you with a quieter ride but they won’t be able to help you much with travelling with higher speed or acceleration.

Choose the muscle car air filter

Generally higher volumes of airflow cause the louder noise of the engine. Most car owners and sports car enthusiasts believe that the louder the noise the car makes higher would be the performance of it. The sound of your car tells a lot about your overall performance of your car as well as the air filters that you are using.


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