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Car Repairs That You Should Never Attempt On Your Own

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Knowing how to is one of the quintessential things every man needs to know, but repairs are a whole other matter. While it’s true that you don’t always have to take your car to the shop for every repair you need done, there are some repairs that you have to avoid.

Not only are these repairs very difficult to do, they are also dangerous and they can cost you far more than what it would cost to take your car to a shop where you can receive top-notch repair services. So, what are some repairs that you should absolutely avoid doing yourself?

Anything That Has to Do With Electronics

Replacing a DVD player, headlights, or a radio on your car is deceptively dangerous, and most people think that they can do it themselves. The problem here is that this process involves electrical wiring. If you aren’t trained to handle the electrical wiring in a car, you run the risk of causing serious damage to the electrical system of your car. You could even end up causing a short circuit, or worse, an electrical fire.

Replacing the Timing Belt

Replacing a timing belt will require you to disassemble half of your engine in order to get to the belt you need to replace. Even if you’re able to successfully replace your timing belt, it’s highly unlikely that you’d be able to reassemble your engine perfectly, which could do long-term damage to your engine. The cost to have your timing belt replaced is far more preferable to the cost of repairing an entire engine.

Fuel Pump Installation

Fuel pump installations are very expensive. They cost about $1,500 to $2,000 to complete, and because of this, it’s highly likely that people might want to do this on their own instead. However, by attempting to install a fuel pump on your own, you run the risk of upsetting the air-to-fuel balance of the car’s engine, which could lead to a decrease in fuel efficiency, an engine misfire, a loss in power and acceleration, and even a stalled engine. A bad installation could completely ruin your car, at which point, you’d be losing far more than just $2,000.

Windshield Repairs

Windshield repairs are anything but simple. A cracked windshield is a serious issue because even the smallest chip in glass will greatly reduce its structural integrity. The last thing you want is your windshield breaking and obstructing your view while you’re driving on a highway. Off-the-shelf windshield repair kits cost $10. A professional windshield repair service will cost you around $75. A full windshield replacement will run you over $500. An extra $65 can potentially save your money and your life.

There’s a good reason why there’s a paid solution for every car problem you might encounter. If you have a bad dent, then take your car to a quality collision center. If you have engine problems, take your car to the shop. If you need your tires vulcanized, there’s a shop for that too. You have to decide whether the risk you’re taking in a DIY repair is worth the money you’d save by doing repairs yourself. More often than not, the risk of damaging your car simply isn’t worth it.


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