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Don Julio 70 Tastes Great, But Is it Worth the Hype?

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When was the last time you had a shot of tequila? With the country opening up, everyone’s looking forward to getting back to the bar for some good times. We all spent the last year cooped up in our homes, and now it’s time to cut loose and unwind some 18-months of pressure.


When you go out with friends for a few drinks, it’s only a matter of time before someone starts ordering shots. Chances are, they’re ordering you a tequila, so it’s time to put your foot down and demand the best 鈥 if you’re going to get wild, you might as well do it properly, right?


Watch the look on your friend’s faces as you order a round of Don Julio 70. You’ll probably find all of them nodding in agreement at your wise decision. When it comes to tequila, you don’t get better than Don Julio 1970.

However, it’s a pretty expensive round for you and your friends, so it better be worth it. Don Julio 70 has a sterling reputation, but is it worth the price or overhyped? Maybe you should just go with that house-brand tequila; it’s way cheaper, and who cares if you start going blind at 60, right?

But seriously, if you’re out on the town with friends after a year of doing nothing, splurge on some Don Julio 70 tequila; you deserve it.

Don Julio 70 tastes great straight, on ice, or mixed in your Margherita. Ask any bartender what their top recommendation is for silver tequila, and they’ll likely tell you it’s Don Julio 70. What makes this tequila so good? Is it all hype, or is Don Julio 70 the real deal?

Founded by a Natural Entrepreneur

In 1942 in Jalisco, Mexico, a 17-year-old boy named Julio Gonz谩lez started laying the foundation for what would become the world’s top tequila brand. Not only was Julio the primary breadwinner for his family, but the young entrepreneur also had visions of grandeur in business.

Julio started his company to bolster his weekly income of 9-pesos so he could support his family. At the time, tequila was a working-class drink. Rough and rugged, with a kick, Julio envisioned creating a tequila that was smooth and flavorful. He imagined his brand as being the first that people would sip on and enjoy like they would a fine whiskey.

With his passion driving his business decisions, Julio decided to expand his company. The young man sought out a loan from a local investor, and it wasn’t long before the first bottles of Don Julio tequila started making their way to market.

In the beginning, Don Julio only produced enough of his tequila for his friends. However, as the company saw increased demand, it started to scale operations. Over the last seven decades, Don Julio rose through the rankings to become the world’s number-one premium tequila brand.

You’ll find it in upmarket restaurants, nightclubs, and bars from New York to Tokyo. The Don Julio brand has worldwide acclaim, and its Don Julio 70 Anejo is its flagship product.

The Original Super Premium

Don Julio revolutionized the tequila market. The man took a new approach to distilling tequila, spending years refining his distillation technique to produce a smooth, tasty tequila that doesn’t feel like your swallowing a bucket of hot nails.

Don Julio developed new industry standards approaching the cultivation and care of the Blue Weber Agave, changing people’s impressions on tequila. The brand single-handily took tequila from obscure to cool, building the foundation for the world’s first “super-premium” tequila brand.

Since the introduction of Don Julio to the market some 70-years ago, sales in premium tequila brands experienced a 706% increase. It’s the originator of the scene and the best you can get on the premium market.

With the introduction of Don Julio 70, the brand introduces its smoothest tequila to the market, offering you a tequila experience like no other.

Bottles and Branding

Don Julio revolutionized tequila distilling methods. However, the company also changed the game with the introduction of their fine glass bottles. Typically, the clear liquor would sell in your standard clear glass bottle tucked under the arm of a working man on his way home.

Don Julio wanted to change the image of tequila, and his genius led him to remodel the bottle. Today, Don Julio bottles are visually distinctive, with a design you would expect to find on a premium malt whisky bottle.

Traditionally, people would place their tequila bottles under the table as they drank. The height of the bottle would interfere with the vision of those assembled around the table. Don Julio decided that its shorter, squat bottle would not interfere with people’s line of sight across the table.

Double-Barrel Perfection

When you take a sip of Don Julio 70 Anejo tequila, you get a flavor and taste experience like no other tequila that ever passed your lips. From the moment you take your first sip, there’s a smooth, warm glow in your mouth and throat as you swallow and the sweet taste of Blue Agave on your lips.

Most tequila brands utilize repurposed whiskey or rum barrels for maturing their product. However, Don Julio makes an exception, aging its tequila in old Kentucky bourbon barrels for eight months.

Don Julio makes use of “reposado barrels,” a double-used barrel for a gentler impact from the wood on the finished product and a smoother, more flavorful taste to the tequila.

Perfection is Pricey

As a super-premium tequila brand, Don Julio 70 isn’t a cheap drink. However, if you’re looking to spend some quality time with friends after a year or more of doing nothing, a bottle of Don Julio 70 is a great gift to yourself and your social circle.

Don Julio 70 鈥撀 Is it Worth the Hype?

The only way you’re going to find out for yourself is by purchasing a bottle and sharing it you’re your friends. Visit our favorite online liquor store and order yourself a bottle of Don Julio 70 tequila. Don’t forget to serve chilled!


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