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As the sun shines brighter and the days grow longer, there’s no better way to embrace the summer season than by indulging in refreshing and delightful specialty beverages.

Whether you’re lounging by the pool, hosting a backyard barbecue, or simply seeking a cool respite from the heat, the perfect beverage can elevate any summer moment. This summer’s drink lineup promises to tantalize your taste buds. Join us as we explore a variety of special drinks that will make your summer sips truly unforgettable.

135° East Japanese Artisan Gin

135° meridian East crosses directly through Akashi City which is the home of the Kaikyo Distillery. 135° East takes the London Dry gin style and infuses it with uniquely Japanese botanicals like yuzu, shiso leaf, ume, and sansho pepper to create a flavor profile that is floral, citrusy, and just a little spicy. All botanicals are locally sourced and then separately distilled in order to preserve their inherent essence. This process also helps achieve the perfect blend of flavors. 

CÎROC Ultra-Premium Limonata

Experience a taste of the Mediterranean wherever you are with CÎROC Limonata. Crafted in France, CÎROC Limonata combines quality-crafted vodka with the invigorating flavors of citrus and Italian Lemon.

Every sip of CÎROC Limonata offers a refreshing burst of tartness and sweetness from invigorating lemons, elegantly balanced with the juice and zest of bright, bold lime. Distilled five times for an exceptionally smooth and clean taste, CÎROC Limonata embodies the essence of summer in a bottle.

Perfect for creative cocktail creations or enjoyed on its own.

Ardbeg 10

This single-malt scotch, aged 10 years, is considered a ‘peat heavy’ iteration that leaves you with a large task in articulating all the many complex and smokey notes within. Aged in ex-bourbon casks, Ardbeg 10 is rich and smoky, infusing flavors of citrus, dark chocolate, menthol, and black pepper with a lasting and pleasurable finish with notes of espresso, toasted almonds, and barley. 

Broken Shed

This New Zealand vodka takes quality seriously, sourcing the water it uses from natural mineral water in the Southern Alps from an ancient aquifer and fresh spring water from the North Island. Due to the exceptional quality of ingredients, the vodka only needs to be distilled three times to achieve its full-bodied flavor with notes of citrus and vanilla. Sustainability is very important to the company and Broken Shed vodka is GMO free, Gluten free, Additive free, and Sweetener free. 

Cedar Ridge American Single Malt Whiskey ‘The Quintessential’

Made entirely of malted barley, this award-winning American whiskey is hand-crafted and aged in bourbon and rye barrels, and they take great pride in being entirely American-made. What sets this whiskey apart is its hand-picked selection of casks including sherry, rum, brandy, and wine giving it the taste depth and complexity. Described as sweet and smooth with a creaminess offset by its dry mouthfeel that finishes with notes of vanilla, caramel, and pepper. 

Zomoz Mezcal

This USDA certified Organic Mezcal is the product of a fourth-generation maestra mezcalera, Isabel Santiago on her family agave plantation in Oaxaca City. You can really taste the agave plant in this smokey, peppery mezcal because it is created with two ingredients, the espadin agave and natural spring water. This high-quality, locally sourced product allows you to enjoy the flavor without additives. 


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