The Rich History Of Domaine Tempier Wines

In the world of the winery, it is true that there are lots of brands you can find in the market that comes in various sizes, shapes, labels, taste, and type. Regardless of the type of wine label you see, each has a common characteristic and that is being manufactured with full passion and patience so that all consumers will get into it.

Looking into the historical records of every wine you can find, no one’s going to match a very distinct and classic type of wine which is Domaine Tempier. This type of wine has a rich story to tell. It is not just one of those wines you find in the market being produced and sold but it has a  unique story to share. Let’s get to know how Dom Tempier revolves in the world of winery business and why it is considered as one of the best wines ever created.

In 1936, Lucie Tempier ties a knot with Lucien Peyraud in which her father had given a Dom Tempier as a present which they produced in their farm since 1834. The first Dom Tempier label that was tasted by their family was a Dom Tempier Bandol Blanc, followed by Dom Tempier Bandol Rouge, and the last one is Dom Tempier Bandol Rose. By the time they were able to taste this wine, they had earned a great interest in studying more about the wine wherein they decide to expand more in producing new categories of Dom Tempier wines.

As the couple goes along with their daily lives, they raised a family and produced seven children. As the day goes by, they also developed a lot of family extensions and friends in which a bottle of Dom Tempier wine is always a part of their celebration. Aside from the fact that these bottle of wine is a necessity for them, it has also played a big role in producing good staples when celebrating the traditional festivity.

Aside from that, Lucie has been into cooking as well. Her cooking skills and dishes became famous in all parts of France because she uses a bottle of Dom Tempier is all her dishes. A lot of people is hooked up to the recipes she made making a way of being popular around the world in which Alice Waters had to come to taste her exquisite food.

In today’s generation, the love of people for Dom Tempier wines has remained. Every vineyard has successfully adopted the way these wines are produced and manufactured. In fact, the family and variation of this wine have grown tremendously all throughout the years. Actually, there 6 vinification types of Dom Tempier wines and they are al finely made to appeal to every consumer.

These variations are crafted as Dom Tempier production have passed several generations of crafting. All of these are made in honor the Lucie and her never-ending support for this wine label. Hence, let us get to know more the different Dom Tempier labels that were created which are also a part of one’s table up to this day.

Domaine Tempier Bandol Rose

This is one of the finest pink wine labels of Dom Tempier that was produced way back in 1988. It exudes a  suggestive and creamy rose petal extracts that come in a bone-dry taste. This is made in honor with Lucie being the best chef during her days of creating finest and unique dishes using a Dom Tempier wine.

It is also the recent label Dom Tempier that was created. The Bandol Rose is now one of the top choices of all wines lovers which is best paired with seafood. Truly, an amazing innovation of Dom Tempier wine label that’s recently created.

Domaine Tempier Bandol Blanc

It’s also one label that was developed in honor of Lucie. It’s a type of white wine made from the finest grapes with only a few exposures of the sunrays. This will help the slow ripening of the fruits and by the time it is aged and processed it produces a properly balanced taste.

Moreover, the Domaine Tempier Bandol Blanc is a blend if different unique wine ingredients. It is a combination of different blends of Ugni Blanc, Bourboulenc, and Clairette. When these ingredients blend together, they come out a taste full of freshness and minerality of fresh fruits.

Domaine Tempier Bandol Rouge

This is one of the second oldest Dom Tempier wine label that is crafted full of lavishness and tasty grapefruits. It offers a bold finish which explodes inside your palate upon tasting it. It has also a long-lasting finish that tastes sweet inside your mouth.

The Dom Bandol Rouge is made from deep ruby extracted from dark grapes. It has a very intense tannin content that comes in a strong taste. Lastly, it also offers a well-balanced taste that can really fit the taste of all wine lovers.


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