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Thrills, Chills and Beer: How to Celebrate the Holidays in Your Own Backyard

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If it feels like we’ve been chilling at home for months, it’s probably because we have.  The holidays are going to be lonelier this year. We can’t be with most of our friends and family in person, and we are stuck at home. If you are tired of your four walls, why not get outside and enjoy some big kid adventures and switch up your Blue Christmas for some hot holiday fun in the great (cold) outdoors? We are going to show you how to create some new holiday traditions right now.

Chill Out and Build a Beerman

A Beerman is your own perfectly imperfect drinking buddy. He won’t talk back; he’ll listen to your problems AND he’ll keep your Coors Light frosty cold. He’s a guy you can literally chill with. To build your own Beerman, Coors Light gave some advice:

“Just roll up some snow, add some eyes, give him a couple of beers to chill and you’ve created a new holiday drinking buddy! You’ll notice he’s not your average holiday mascot…More importantly, Beerman is built for function over form, and anyone can replicate him with piles of snow and a few cans of Coors Light chilled to ice-cold perfection. “

If you don’t have a creative bone in your body, here are some ways to make Beerman your own:


Two lumps of coal (for the eyes) – check your barbeque for supplies

Carrot for the nose (optional)

A metal spoon to create a mouth (not optional – how is Beerman supposed to drink Coors Light without a mouth?). You can also use the spoon to carve out a place for a couple of cans of Coors Light to keep it chilled

Snow (of course)

Your old hat – the one that your mom or GF have been bugging you to get rid of (you can tell them it’s good for something)

A ratty old scarf (see above)

2 cans of Coors Light AKA BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer)

Beerman Directions:

  • Roll snow and hope it looks something like the video – keep in mind Beerman is perfectly imperfect
  • Pop in two lumps of coal where the eyes should be
  • You know what to do with the carrot
  • Carve out mouth with spoon
  • Dig out a spot on the base of Beerman for your Coors Light
  • Wrap scarf around the neck
  • Place hat on top of Beerman with a rock to hold it on – you don’t want to lose it
  • Admire your new best friend

Build a Snow Fort AKA the Winter Version of a Beer Garden

Beerman: Snow Fort

What better place is there to enjoy a couple of cold ones than in a snow fort? Don’t worry if you don’t have a degree in architecture. Just pick a spot next to your new buddy Beerman and start packing snowballs until you have something resembling an igloo, or a snow wall. Get your Coors Light and toast the holidays.

Snow Bowling

Snow Bowling

Snow Create your own “snow bowl” and get a lucky strike. Pack a few empties with just enough water to give them some weight (fill about a third of the way). Make snowballs and see how many cans you can knock over. Use the same point system as bowling. It’s easy, and fun.


It’s all about finding new ways to enjoy the holidays in 2020. With Beerman, you have a built in buddy until you can reunite with your squad. Just remember to celebrate the holidays responsibly.

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