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Transform Your Love For Craft Beer Into A Real Business

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There is no denying that men love quaffing craft beers as they make up 53 percent of craft beer drinkers in the country. According to the market research firm Nielsen, the average  weekly drinkers of craft beers are mostly male between the ages of 21 and 44. If you consider yourself among those who love to sample craft brews in your local area, why not transform this  passion into a source of income?
Cost Of Equipment
If you fancy brewing your own craft drinks and turning it into a small business, you will need to spend money on the right equipment. A brewing equipment that has the lowest capacity, which is the barrel that can produce up to 320 12-ounce beers, will cost you more or less $100,000. Brand new ones will cost you around a million dollars give or take.
Insurance Coverage For Workers
To  make your independent craft brewery running smoothly, you may need to employ a few individuals. Once you have others working for you, you will need to get a  workers’ comp insurance. stated that this insurance provides financial protection to the business, especially in case a worker gets injured or had fallen ill due to their job.
Location And Construction
Location is everything when it comes to selling your craft beer, so you will need to do your research first. This also includes constructing your shop, whether it be a small watering hole for the locals, or just a place to sell your brand. Although you can sell your brew online, having a brick and mortar store can provide more market
Start Up Funds
As with every start-up, you will need to consider your finances. Most  small businesses begin by using their own savings, but it is also possible to borrow from relatives and close friends to fund your dream. You can also apply for loans too, or use the equity on your property, to set up your business.
Dreaming of brewing your own craft beer and making money out of it doesn’t have to be just that. After all, there are ways in which you can turn your passion into a real business. Although this will entail having to dole out a lot of cash, if you have done your research on craft beer in your area, you can get your return of investments soon enough.


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