A Guide to Impressing her with Eggs Royale

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We order Eggs Benedict quite often but had never been brave enough to make Hollandaise Sauce completely from scratch, but we are pros at it now. It tastes so much better than the stuff in a jar that you buy at a supermarket, and after you have tried to make it once it’s so easy to whip up a batch. So why not invite your friends over this weekend and enjoy a delicious brunch at home.

Lemony, rich, and luscious hollandaise is totally re-imagined here by using a very creamy and light puree of olive oil, lemon juice, and avocado. If you thought before that you loved Eggs Benedict, be prepared to become completely obsessed and overwhelmed. This hollandaise sauce will replace the traditional sauce for all of your Eggs Benedict from now on.

Changing the way you make Hollandaise sauce can be a very enjoyable way to experiment with this brunch staple. The following are five different ways that this classic sauce can be approached. Try each of them and find your new favorite. Check out the easiest method for poaching eggs too!

  1. Use red wine

If you would like a heartier sauce (which goes especially well with eggs and steak), rather than using white wine, reduce port and red wine instead.

  1. Make a cheese sauce

This is even easier to make and often tastes better too, than fussy Hollandaise sauce. You can use Gruyere to make a classic Mornay sauce

  1. Brown the butter

Whenever Jacques Pépin makes a classic French sauce, he cooks the butter until it has a hazelnut smell, so you should as well.

  1. Add morels

You can make your Hollandaise sauce even more decadent by tossing in some delicious and expensive mushrooms

  1. Use avocado

You can create a creamy sauce that is similar to Hollandaise by blending warm water, lemon juice, and avocado together. It is vegan as well as being healthy – until it is served over poached eggs.

5 Ways That It Is Healthy

  1. When eggs are poached they are cooked without using fat. It is a lean option that provides all that we love about eggs, which includes vitamin B2, to help food get converted into fuel. It will inspire you to get up and start moving!
  1. Yolk things up. Zeaxanthin and lutein are antioxidants that are contained in egg yolks and have uniquely protective properties on the eyes. Although egg whites are rich in healthy nutrients, those two antioxidants are contained in the yolk only
  1. Help out your heart. Healthy cholesterol is contained in eggs and is one of just a few natural Vitamin D sources, which is essential for healthy teeth and bones. Vitamin D helps with calcium absorption, which is very important for your heart.
  1. Compared to regular bacon, Canadian bacon is a lot leaner. So cut down the fat while still indulging in moderation.
  1. Give a boost to your Eggs Benedict by adding wholegrain muffins. What is there not to love, with all of the minerals, vitamins, healthy plant-based protein, and fiber?


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