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COVID 19 got you down? Turn your backyard or patio into an instant oasis with a Kota Grills BBQ!

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COVID 19 got you down? Turn your backyard or patio into an instant oasis with a Kota Grills BBQ!

The realities of the COVID-19 pandemic have forced people to rethink how and where they spend their social time safely. Winter is coming and we need to re-imagine spending more social time outdoors, no matter the temperature. So, turn your backyard or deck into an instant four-season oasis with a Kota Grills BBQ!

The Kota Grills BBQ is simply the most versatile wood fire grill money can buy! Why? Because the Kota Grills BBQ is not only a sophisticated grilling machine boasting a collection of fabulous accessories, it doubles as a fire table and as a COVID-proof outdoor dining circle! Put your Kota Grill where you want and you instantly create a place to hang out, warm yourself by the fire, have a drink, cook together, and enjoy the delicious fruits of your labor. Although cooking on a wood fire is as old as mankind, the Kota Grill is virtually unknown outside of Europe.

Now available in North America, the wood-fired Kota Grill hails from Lapland, the most northerly part of Finland. In Lapland, grilling is not a solitary task, it is a communal affair that brings people together. We think the time is ripe for North Americans to experience the Kota Grills lifestyle. 

Our grills are manufactured in Finland by Polar Grilli, the leading producer of Kota Grills. A state-of-the-art metal fabrication process brings together the highest quality materials and an unrivaled fit and finish. You can immediately see that this is a super-premium product. Built to last, your investment will hold its value for years to come.

For those who are really serious about barbequing, the Kota grill offers great flexibility for cooking on an open flame. The traditional rotating grill allows you to ‘blaze’ your side of salmon or rack of lamb. In addition, other accessories like the roasting plate and platty pan allow you to prepare just about anything the way you want it. You can even smoke meat the way it was done over a century ago. Back-to-basics cooking over fire with a European flair.

There are three Kota Grill models available; The Backyard, the Terrace, and the Kota Hut Grill. The Backyard is a portable grilling-party machine that can be easily placed on your backyard deck, on your cottage dock, or wherever you want your gathering to be. It comes with the grill base, wooden tables, and various grill attachments. 

The Terrace, our best-seller, includes an impressive hood and rain-cap assembly that helps draw the smoke up and away from the fire. Lastly, the Kota Hut Grill comes with a full hood and chimney system as it is used inside a structure, whether that be in a gazebo, a screen porch, or the traditional Finnish Grilli Kota or grilling hut. 

Kota Grills are now available in North America. Where will your Kota Grill take you?

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