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Terry Jones, CEO of XFit Shares Company Story & Details About Crossbody Trainer Home

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XFit, Inc. produces some of the hottest new interactive boxing workout equipment for homes  and Fitness Centers worldwide.

Their brand, Nexersys, is transforming the way people get fit by  delivering Boxing and MMA inspired fitness training and gaming technology directly to the user.  By integrating both dynamic workouts and engaging gaming content into their training software  they have created a fresh and unique experience for users. Connected fitness technology  provides instant feedback on the user’s workout progress. It offers an authentic boxing style,  training any fitness level, making Nexersys perfect for everyone. No really, no experience  required! Nexersys products are perfect for people looking to get fit while learning or  enhancing their boxing and MMA skills. All this while having fun and feeling like a champion.  We met with Terry Jones, the CEO of XFit, Inc. to ask him some questions about the company,  the brand and the unique products they offer.

Hi Terry, thank you for joining us today! Can you please tell us a bit about XFit, Inc.?

Hi, and thanks for the opportunity to share our story. We are an innovative group born and  bred in Austin, Texas. The Nexersys brand is about making big moves and getting the consumer,  people like you or me, an affordable fitness product that works as designed. Fitness that is fun,  new, and interactive. XFit runs the brand from start to finish to ensure everything is top of the  line. We invent, design, develop, and manufacture all our products. Then, we bring them to  market at a reasonable cost by doing all our marketing and sales in house. Our team’s small size  and interconnectedness allows everyone to be involved in the product lifecycle from start to  finish.

So XFit, Inc is doing all the inventing, developing, manufacturing, sales, and marketing by  itself? How does it feel leading a team that is this diverse in tasks?

It feels great! Our smaller team can gather insight across various disciplines and perspectives  quickly and timely. Our communication is always flowing, so we find ourselves helping each  other solve problems. The XFit model helps all our employees grow with multiple opportunities  to learn from one another, ensuring all operations run successfully. With such a close and  diverse team, everyone at any business level can have a say and can offer unique perspectives,  and in return, we find innovative solutions.

That’s great that everyone is working so well together and getting along. How is the company  culture at XFit?

Our team is generally fairly young and is largely multi-disciplined. Each of our members has the  ability to wear various hats, which is outstanding, and no two days are the same. It’s always  something new here, and we’re continuously growing. We encourage anyone with interest  within or outside their regular role to learn everything they can. We live and breathe boxing at  this company. Team members frequently put their skills to the test with company wide Nexersys  and Crossbody Trainer Workout contests. This helps everyone on the team stay motivated,  learn about the product, and participants can give feedback directly to our engineers about  their experience. Then, after a long quarter (or whenever we feel like it), we like to unwind with  a celebratory company wide BBQ.

It sounds like XFit, Inc has some very interesting and unique products. How did you come up  with these inventions?

MMA and Boxing are the inspirations for the product line. I’ve had a lifelong interest in the  sport. Combat Sports are unique because people have to give it their all. You have to be quick  on your feet to respond to challenges. This style of training offers a fantastic workout that not  only builds muscle and stamina but mental acuity as well. Not many workouts can offer the  same full body results. I have always wanted to get a great boxing workout at home but up until  now, that was not an option. I was ecstatic when the design was ready to bring to my home and  those all over the world.

Cross Body Trainer sounds like a fantastic product that I would love to try! What are your  favorite aspects of this product?

Cross Body Trainer is inspired by the traditional Double End Bag, which has been a main staple  of boxing training. Double End Bags develop many skills for a fighter, some include timing, hand  speed, hand-to-eye coordination, focus, and rhythm. However, in a traditional Double End Bag workout, the height of the bag is fixed.

We improved upon the experience by putting the Cross Body Trainer Bag on a height adjustable shock cord, which keeps the ball in constant motion and provides a more dynamic  range of activities for your workout. We also created an interactive experience for the CBT.

Users can connect to the free Cross Body Trainer App to sync the BlueTooth sensor inside the  Double End Bag. This will record and report your real time strikes while also leading workouts  and giving direct training. The App contains and stores all our workout history and this allows  users to see how they progress across various round types and levels of training. Whether you  are a beginner or a professional, you always get the proper workout for your level. Cross Body  Trainer incorporates interactive avatars and gamified content. So not only are you developing  these skills, but you are having fun while doing it. To take it one step further, the App is  completely free. Any updates will be available for you to download easily from wherever you  are, also for free. We do not charge training or membership fees.

Thanks so much for sitting down and speaking with us Terry, we can’t wait to see what you  and the team do next!

For more information, be sure to check out the XFit, Inc. product, Cross Body Trainer  Home for more product  info.

Follow Nexersys on their socials @nexersys to be the first to know about XFit Inc. and  interactive boxing training at home.


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