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Shopping for Groceries Online: Because Men Can Do It, Too!

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Back in the day, grocery shopping was a weekly ritual that we would undertake.

It would mean a walk (or drive) to the nearest supermarket, grabbing a basket (or cart) then walking through the aisles grabbing items from each shelf as you tediously run through the shopping list.

And then, you would end up waiting in line at one of the few counters available, making sure the one you’re in accepts cash or card (whichever payment you have on hand).

Then when they get to you, it’s time to unload the cart for the price of each item to be scanned follow by these being stuffed into bags and paying these before carrying them all the way home. Tedious and slow, wouldn’t you agree?

But with the rise of electronic commerce in the last few decades, online stores have proliferated left and right offering various products and services at the customer’s fingertips, ranging from physical stores offering online shopping to standalone retailers on the web without a physical presence. And with various payment methods now being supported by these businesses, buying what you need and want has never been easier. Retailers such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and more have become the new face of shopping in the Internet age, and even retailers such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy have joined the fray as their physical stores have shown a decrease in traffic over the last several years.

With so many sites to purchase items online, the experience can be overwhelming for novices and relative beginners.  There is an easy way to get groceries online. That being said, we’ve prepared some tips to help ensure that you shop conveniently and without worry:

  • Prepare a shopping list beforehand. This way, you’ll know exactly which items you need to buy and be able to stick to your budget, by focusing on what is shown.
  • Make sure you’re shopping at an official online store. When in doubt, contact their customer service using the details posted at the bottom of the site before making a single purchase. The reputable stores use pages with secure HTTP (they begin with https://).
  • Watch out for coupons or special offers. Just like their physical counterparts, online stores often have their own promos or sales to drive traffic to their site. Check these out as you may be in for a good deal.
  • Check for additional fees such as shipping. With some retailers, shipping is free if you purchase a certain amount or value in goods. There may also be hidden fees and local taxes factored into the final bill depending on your location.
  • Double check your order, shipping address and other relevant details. This will help avoid problems such as missed items, delayed delivery and other difficulties, ensuring a more pleasant shopping experience.
  • Contact customer service if you have any questions. Many major retailers offer a variety of options to reach them for assistance, such as chat, email, phone and even social media. The quicker you get in touch with them, the sooner an issue can be rectified.


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