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The best cities for tapas in Spain

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Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the whole of Europe. If you have ever been there, you are certainly not surprised about this. Spain has beautiful scenery, gorgeous culture, and great food. There are not enough nice words to describe Spanish food.

Many people even make culinary holidays to Spain, which tells a lot about how delicious the food there is. And what could be a more delicious Spanish food than tapas? In this article we will give you some tips about where to head to, when you want to enjoy the very best tapas Spain has to offer.

Spain is a stylish destination

Anyone can find a holiday in Spain that will fit their wishes perfectly. This is simply because Spain has everything anyone could ever dream of. Spain has everything from gorgeous beaches to lively cities and obviously fantastic culinary settings.

This makes Spain an incredibly stylish destination. It doesn’t matter how you even define style, Spain will certainly be stylish enough for you. If you are conquered by its charm, you may even decide to move there, obtain Spanish residency and enjoy the best this country has to offer.

As we mentioned, in this article we will give some tips on where to head to when you are looking for the best tapas. It should still be remembered that Spain is the country of tapas. This means that you can go basically anywhere in the country and find some delicious tapas.

Barcelona gathers a lot of visitors

Barcelona is easily one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Spain. The city combines everything in one spot, so anyone who enjoys beach holidays or city destinations will love Barcelona. 

Barcelona’s trendiest street, Passeig de Sant Joan is the best place to head to for some delicious tapas plates. It is trendy for a good reason, and you will understand what we mean, when you experience it yourself.

The capital of Spain, Madrid, is a famous destination

Obviously the capital of Spain, Madrid, is one of the most popular destinations in the whole country. If you are specifically looking for stylish tapas to enjoy, you should head to La Latina district.

La Latina district is the oldest part of the whole of Madrid. Back in the middle ages, La Latina District was actually the whole city. The city has grown bigger with the years, but the importance of La Latina District has stayed the same. This is why it is still the best spot for the best tapas in the city.

Bilbao is a beautiful and rarer destination

Bilbao is a gorgeous city in the Basque Country. In the Basque Country, tapas are called pintxo. If you want to get the best tapas in Bilbao, you should head to the old town. It has gorgeous streets like Calle Somerda, Calle del Perro, and Plaza Nueva. Here you can find place after place with delicious tapas.

Granada is the city of tapas

Many people consider Granada as the home of tapas. Here you can wander around going from a pub to another, and often you will get tapas free with the beer. Spain is full of great tapas destinations, but Granada is easily one of the best ones there.



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